Occupational Hygiene

Available for rental or hire, our broad range of Occupational Hygiene Equipment includes Air Sampling Pumps, Dust & Particulate Monitors, Lead in Paint Analysers (XRF), Noise Dosimeters, Radiation & EMF Meters, Respirator Fit Testing, Sound Level Meters, Temperature & Humidity Meters and Vibration Analysers.

With rental instruments available from leading manufacturers TSI, Casella, Thermo Scientific and Olympus, we’re able to support customers with a number of applications to investigate potential dangers in the workplace.

Air Sampling Accessories

Ashtead Technology offers a wide range of air sampling accessories including filters and sample containers.

Air Sampling Calibrators

Ashtead Technology supplies air sampling flow calibrators, which offer a primary flow standard that can be used for the accurate calibration of all industrial hygiene and environmental air sampling pumps.

Air Sampling Pumps

An air sampling pump is the perfect solution when you need to assess aerosol concentrations of contaminants such as dust, gases or other vapours. Ashtead Technology provides market leading sampling pumps from manufacturers such as TSI Instruments and Casella.

Dust & Particulate Monitors

A dust and particulate analyser facilitates in the assessment of aerosol concentrations of contaminants such as dust, smoke, fumes and mists. Ashtead Technology provides one of the largest selections of aerosol monitors from trusted health & safety brand TSI Instruments.

Lead in Paint Analysers (XRF)

Ashtead Technology’s X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysers, from top manufacturers such as Niton and Olympus, are capable of undertaking a variety of both industrial and environmental applications. Whether your job requires the analysis of alloy chemistry, grade identification, metal concentration in soil, or screening of electronics and consumer goods, we have an analyser to fit your needs.

Noise Dosimeters

Noise dosimeters allow occupational hygienists to measure worker noise exposure. Ashtead Technology provides a wide range of dosimeters from leading manufacturers, which feature data logging capabilities, a variety of available measurements, and can be configured to meet specific regulatory standards.

Radiation & EMF Meters

Monitoring radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF) is vital to protect workers from the threats that they can pose. Ashtead Technology supplies highly accurate radiation survey meters designed for measuring the complex EMF emissions from computers, video display terminals and any CRT or similar devices within the office.

Respirator Fit Testing

Ashtead Technology supplies the latest respiratory fit testing equipment from leading health & safety manufacturer TSI Instruments. Our models enable a simple but highly sensitive testing process, providing immediate and unambiguous results for the respirator.

Sound Level Meters

A sound level meter measures noise pollution within any industry. We stock a wide range of meters from leading manufacturer Casella, all of which are designed to meet the strict requirements of acoustic standards and regulations.

Temperature & Humidity Meters

Ashtead Technology stocks a wide range of temperature and humidity meters including monitors for heat stress analysis, humidity, temperature, dew point, voltage and current. Whether you are maintaining the integrity of a power plant operation or simply monitoring humidity in a greenhouse, Ashtead Technology has the ideal instrument for you.

Vibration Analysers

The vibration meters offered by Ashtead Technology provide s designed for use in industrial or environmental applications such as shock or pulsation checks, basic machinery condition monitoring, or general engineering work. Ashtead Technology stocks a wide range of tested vibration meters from leading manufacturers such as Quest and Larson Davis.