Water Monitoring

Available for rental or hire, our Water Monitoring Equipment includes Oil/Water Interface Probes, Peristaltic and Well Pumps, Turbidity Meters, Water Flow Meters, Water Level Meters and Water Quality Meters.

With rental units available from YSI Professional, Solinst, Eijkelkamp and Geotech, the equipment covers a number of applications including Water Sampling and Remediation Projects.  

Oil/Water Interface Probes

Oil and water interface probes monitor and remediate oil-contaminated groundwater, wells and tanks.

Peristaltic and Well Pumps

Ashtead Technology offers pumps for water and vapour sampling applications. We offer both portable and rugged products to perform even the toughest jobs.

Water Flow Meters

Ashtead Technology stocks open channel water flow meters for highly accurate water velocity and discharge measurements in open channels and partially filled pipes. YSI meters provide reliable, precise measurements in streams, sewers, mines and irrigation canals.

Water Level Meters

Ashtead Technology stocks a variety of water level meters for measuring boreholes, tanks, rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs for water level, pressure and temperature changes. These products include market leading manufacturers such as Solinst, Heron, and Geotech, offering multiple tape lengths to perform even the toughest jobs.

Water Quality Meters

Ashtead Technology stocks water quality meters from leading manufacturers. These instruments are ideal for measuring water quality in lakes and rivers, around industrial wastewater plants or factories and other environmental applications.