CDL MiniTilt and Attitide Sensor

CDL MiniTilt and Attitide Sensor – Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

The CDLtd MiniTilt is a surface or subsea Pitch and Roll sensor for use in the offshore survey industry. It provides an accuracy of 0.05 degrees in both axes over the full 360° range. The MiniTilt is highly compatible with existing Pitch and Roll sensors. It uses a bank of 6 internal option switches to provide a total of 32 different output data formats.

The CDL MicroGyro has been designed to meet the requirement for high quality deep-water recovery of attitude information within the survey industry. Based around the industry standard Robertson SKR82 gyrocompass, the unit provides sensor information at a high update rate either through its own lightweight umbilical or through customer ROV umbilicals. The CDL MicroGyro is extremely small, measuring only 9' diameter by 17' length. This allows easy helicopter transportation for last minute projects and achieves a 3,000m depth rating with a total pod weight of less than 27Kg. Installation is an easy one-man operation. The MicroGyro contains CDL's MiniTilt high accuracy pitch and roll sensor as a standard item giving 0.05 degree accuracy over the full 360 degree range in both axes. Maximum flexibility has been the major design criteria. An auto-switching power supply has been used for easy operation on either side of the Atlantic. Alternatively, the gyro can be powered from 24V DC. The subsea pod has data available in current loop and RS232 formats for easy integration into ROV multiplexer or sonar network systems. A mechanical gimballing system allows the MicroGyro to operate in rough water. The freedom of movement is greater than 90 degrees, allowing horizontal or vertical launch capabilities. At the topside, the MicroGyro is controlled by the new CDL Data Display Unit (DDU). The DDU is a general use display unit which contains a high contract colour display, powered by the Microsoft Windows CE operating system. This allows maximum flexibility for producing custom data outputs and displays to clients requirements. The DDU has 2 RS232 outputs for connection to existing survey software packages. Multiple data output formats and baud rates are selectable on the front panel to minimise telegram compatibility problems. Systems options include high accuracy temperature and depth sensors and acoustic data recovery. In addition to the standard 3,000m depth rated MicroGyro, surface and Titanium 7,000m depth rated units are available.

Key features

  • High Accuracy Pitch and Roll (0.05 degrees)
  • Lightweight pod & Small Size
  • 3000m depth rated

Technical specifications

Data formatRS232 (or current loop)
Baud rate9600 (other rates available on request)
Update Rate580msec
Option SwitchesOPT1 Link MiniTilt to Chassis GND OPT2 Swap Pitch and Roll polarity OPT3 Heading/No Heading OPT4 Decimal points/No decimal points OPT5 Hundreds digit/No hundreds digit OPT6 Hundredths digit/No Hundredths digit
8 Pin connector (Burton or Binder)1 Vin (5Vdc-30Vdc) 2 GND 3 CL Hi (Output) 4 CL Lo (Output) 5 RS232 Out 6 RS232 In 7 CL Hi (Gyro Input) 8 CL Lo (Gyro Input)
Range360° (full range)
Calibration Points128 (per sensor)
Temperature Coefficient0.003° per °C
Hysteresis0.05° (average)
Frequency Response0.4 seconds (typical)
Output Rate580 msec
Humidity SensitivityConformally coated
Power Input5-30 Vdc
Current Consumption<10mA (@12Vdc typical)
TemperatureOperating: -30°C to +55°C Storage: -55°C to +65°C
Data outputRS232 and Current Loop
Gyro InputCurrent Loop
Baud rate9600
Data bits8
Stop Bits1