CDL Miniplexer POD

Available as:
  • Rental
  • Sale (ex rental)

CDL Miniplexer POD – Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

The CDL MiniPlexer is an 8 channel multiplexer/demultiplexer, optimized for the following conditions: a) A half-duplex connection between the ends, that is assumed error-free b) Widely varying baud rates per channel, including the possibility of a single channel using up to a quarter of the total bandwidth available

The CDL MiniPlexer solves your sensor integration problems when you have more signals to transmit than available copper conductors.

The MiniPlexer is a compact low power board set designed to transfer data from up to 8 separate RS232 channels over a single 115kbaud data channel. For ROVs and other applications where umbilicals are used, this greatly increases the efficiency of data transfer, cuts down on umbilical cores needed, and reduces umbilical weight, size and cost.

The MiniPlexer works by combining all the channel data into a single stream of compressed data packets. This means that the link itself does not have to run at excessive data rates and makes reliable transmission over several kilometres of copper umbilical achievable.

The card-set comprises one control card, up to two 4-channel interface cards and an optional power conditioning card. The card set is available in an OEM format, unpackaged, and ready to be installed inside your own housing, with direct internal wiring to the cards. It is also available pre-packaged with underwater connectors, in an underwater housing.

CDL sensors and instruments have an RS232 interface and a comprehensive survey or inspection sensor package comprising CDL products can be run over a single copper data link.

Key features

  • 8 channel multiplexer
  • Long range
  • Up to 115kbaud


Dimensions (2,000 metre housing)104mm x 85mm (L x D)4 x 3.3""
Mounting arrangements4 holes M5 65 x 65mm
Dimensions of Each Card68mm2.7
Height of four card set inc connector clearance70mm3
Mounting arrangements (3 PCB mount holes)3mm dia on 60mm PCD