DeepSea Multi SeaCam 2060

DeepSea Multi SeaCam 2060 – Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

The Multi SeaCam 2060 is a versatile camera designed to meet all your needs, whether for deep or shallow applications. Identification of camera features in the field is simplified by the use of a label under the sapphire port that indicates such features as model type, depth rating, video format, and pin-out. It’s essentially a 'manual on a label.' Serial numbers are laser-engraved on the housing for inventory tracking. For diver applications, the Multi SeaCam can be mounted on a SuperLite 17 or 27 helmet using DeepSea’s Universal Helmet Mounting Bracket. It also mounts to DeepSea’s Universal Hand Grip for hand-held operation. Working in tandem with any of DeepSea’s world-class underwater lights (such as the LED Multi-Sealite or LED Mini-SeaLite), the Multi SeaCam provides the optimal under-water video solution.

Sale Information
Ex-rental unit for sale - sold as seen. Contact us for information.

Key features

  • 6000m depth rated
  • Colour camera
  • Compact Rugged Design
  • Interchangeable Camera Modules
  • Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Port

Technical specifications

Rated DepthTitanium: 6,000 meters
Operating Temperature-30 deg. C to +40 deg. C
Lens3.0 mm, f2.0
FocusFixed focus, wide angle
Depth of field10 cm (4 in.) to infinity
Field of View in Air95 deg. (H) x 75 deg. (V) x 130 deg. (D)
Field of View in Water75deg. (H) x 60 deg. (V) x 85 deg. (D)
Image Sensor1/3-inch CCD image sensor
Number of pixels768 (H) x 494 (V) (NTSC); 752 (H) x 582 (V) (PAL)
Resolution460 TV lines horizontal
Scene Illumination1.1 Lux at f2.0
Signal to noiseMore than 45dB
Video Output1.0 volt peak-to-peak into 75 ohm
Video FormatNTSC, PAL, composite standard
Power11-30 Volts DC
Current200 mA


Outer diameter4.74 cm1.87 in.
Overall Length(w/o conn.)10.60 cm4.19 in.
459g (air), 112g (in water)16oz (air), 4oz (in water)