Imenco SDS 1210 Digital Stills Camera with external Flash Unit

Available as:
  • Rental
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Imenco SDS 1210 Digital Stills Camera with external Flash Unit – Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

This latest digital camera system from Imenco for the Subsea market combines excellent digital photo capabilities with the latest digital camera technology, together with sophisticated software control. The high power flash unit extends the use of the camera, allowing the operator to take quality photos at 5-10 metre distance.

As the major supplier of Digital Solutions, Imenco has invested major resources in developing the next generation Digital Camera for the Subsea market. Utilizing the best technology available in Digital camera development, considering both size and quality. With higher resolution, intuitive user interface, large internal storage and the possibility to download pictures from the camera when located on a subsea system, the SDS1210 will be the answer to most advanced underwater operations with a need for digital documentation in the form of high quality pictures. The camera system has been designed and developed for use both on large work ROV systems as well as small observation systems. The camera interface can be reduced to fit even the smallest observation system. The Imenco High Power Flash Unit is made to extend photographs beyond the 1-3 meter limit that the internal flash of the camera is capable of. The flash unit with lighten scenes up to 7-10 metres distance and enable operator to take high quality scene photos at larger distances.

Key features

  • Built-in USB to Ethernet hub - ability to download from camera whilst on a subsea system.
  • High resolution
  • Intuitive interface


  • Large work ROVs
  • Small observation systems

Technical specifications

Effective pixel no12.1 million pixels
Memory internalMemory stick 2 GB/standard
Recording systemJPEG
Image pickup element1/1,8 CCD
Lens3x Zoom, 7.9-23.7 Carl Zeiss
Light Metering SystemDigital 'ESP' multi pattern
FocusingDual AF and passive TTL
Working RangeStandard 0,6 - infinity; Macro mode: 0,2-0,6m
ISOAuto, user selectable
Amount of picturesApprox 512 on max resolution
Electronic synchronisationTTL
Recycling0,2 - 8s, deactivated with external. Flash is connected
Pressure housingStainless steel 3000m
View portNot corrected
Supply18 to 36VDC
Amp300 mA (peek 800mA)
Pin 1Standard Mini burton 1508
Pin 2COM
Pin 3Ethernet 1
Pin 4Ethernet 2
Pin 5Video output
Pin 6Ethernet 3
Pin 7RS232 Rx
Pin 8Ethernet 6
Light envelope90 degrees
Light power110 Watt-sec
Guide no ISO10020m in air; 10m in water
Firing modeManual
Colour temp4900K
Recycle time18 secs
Depth rating3000 MSW
Operating temp0 to 50C
Storage temp-20C to 60C
Front portAcryl
PowerFrom camera
HousingDuplex Steel
Std.ConnMicro Wet-Con
Pin 1OV/Ground
Pin 224V dc
Pin 3trig +5V
Pin 4trig - 0V


Camera180mm x dia 83mm7 x 3.3""3.2kg (in air)7lb
External Flash Unit175mm x dia 100mm6.9 x 3.9""5 kg (in air), 4kg (in water)11lb/8.8lb