iPEK Rovver 225 - Crawler Camera

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  • Rental
  • Sale (ex rental)
Product Support Available:
  • Repair

iPEK Rovver 225 Crawler Camera – Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology.

Suitable for pipes from 225mm, the iPEK Rovver 225 is a rugged crawler camera built specifically to inspect larger pipelines.

As with the Rovver 125, the 225 can travel up to 180m via the RS2000 portable cable reel. Please contact us for exact cable lengths as this varies between systems.  It also comes with the RC90 pan, tilt and zoom camera head. The RC90 allows you to horizontally and vertically inspect your pipeline and has a 10x optical zoom feature, making it the perfect crawler camera for inspecting smaller defects which other crawler cameras might not detect.

An extension arm is part of the Rovver 225 crawler body and allows the camera to be raised an additional 150mm, making surveying larger diameter pipes easier.  This is a motorised feature that can be raised or lowered from the control unit.

Built for field work, the Rovver 225 is provided with small, medium and large wheels, so you can customise it depending on your application. 

The control unit features a 10 inch-colour monitor and also offers a removable, handheld remote control. Built-in recording isn’t available with Rovver 225; however you can rent a high definition (HD) digital video recorder (DVR) for applications that require image and video reporting.

If your application requires a smaller crawler camera, please see the Rovver 125

Rents with: Crawler Body (225), Reel (RS200), Control Unit (6HU), Camera Head (RC90), Auxiliary Light, Small, Medium & Large Wheels

Renting the iPEK Rovver 225
Available on a short or long term basis, the iPEK Rovver 225 will arrive ready to use straight out of the box. Once your job is complete, you can either return the equipment to us, or contact us to arrange a collection. It’s that simple!

Approved iPEK Repair Centre
As part of our iPEK approved service centre, we are also able to offer the repair of the iPEK Rovver range. Using iPEK approved parts and tools, all repairs are carried out by qualified technicians in our ISO9001 certified facility. Whilst your system is in for repair, you can hire a replacement unit from our broad rental fleet to avoid any costly downtime (subject to availability). 

To learn more about the iPEK Service Centre, please click here.

Key features

  • Pipe size: from 225mm diameter
  • Cable length: up to 180m
  • Camera: Pan, tilt and 10x optical zoom
  • Additional lighting: iPEK Rovver Auxiliary Lights
  • Control unit: 6HU Control Unit, 10-inch-colour-monitor, removable remote controller
  • Reporting: Images and Videos
  • DVR required: Yes


  • Drain Inspection
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • CCTV Surveys
  • Tank, Void, Cavity or Conduit Inspection

Technical specifications

(Motorised Pan/Tilt/Zoom SK80)
Imager:12.7mm Colour CCD (444,000 pixels
Resolution:420 horizontal TV lines
Lens:4mm, f=1.2, remote focus
Focal Length:6mm to infinity
Construction:Stainless steel & anodised aluminium
Dimensions:192 x 88 x 88mm
(Motorised Pan/Tilt/Zoom RC90)
Imager:12.7mm Colour CCD (444,000 pixels) with B&W "BackEye" camera
Resolution:420 horizontal TV lines
Lens:4mm, F=1.2, remote focus
Focal Length:6mm to inifinity
Zoom:10x optical, 4x digital
Construction:Stainless steel and anodised aluminium
Dimensions:200 x 90 x 90mm
Motors:2x 40 Watt DC
Drive:(All wheel transmission) 6-wheel skid steer
Drive Clutch:Electric
Inclination Sensor:Standard +/- 10%
Internal Pressue Indicator:Coloured LED
Construction:Anodised aluminium and stainless steel
Depth Rating:1 Bar / 10 metres
Cable Length:Varies depending on system
Cable:Multi-conductor, 500Lb Kevlar strength member and Polyurethane outer
Drum:Polycarbonate slip ring cable drum
Reel Frame:Anodised aluminium and Stainless steel
Connection Cable:6 metres to CCU
Height above ground level (mm) to middle of camera:
Crawler + small wheels + camera (no elevation)90mm
Crawler + small wheels + camera (fully elevated)245mm
Crawler + medium wheels + camera (no elevation)100mm
Crawler + medium wheels + camera (fully elevated)255mm
Crawler + large wheels + camera (no elevation)140mm
Crawler + large wheels + camera (fully elevated)295mm


Crawler / Camera Unit150(h) x 206(w) x 621(l)mm24Kg
Cable Reel600(l) x5 10(h) mm25Kg
Control Unit510(l) x 445(h) x 290(w)mm26.5Kg


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