iXBlue Octans III 3000 FOG Gyrocompass

iXBlue Octans III 3000 FOG Gyrocompass – Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

Rugged and shock resistant, the Octans III 3000 Fibre-Optic Gyrocompass from iXSea is the only IMO survey grade Gyrocompass with an integrated motion sensor. In addition to the 3 solid-state fibre optic Gyrocompass and accelerometers, the Octans III provides perfect real-time Heave data thanks to its SAFE (Self-adaptive Filtered Estimated) Heave filter. The advantages of the Octans III are self evident: no speed, altitude or latitude restrictions and most importantly, it's accurate no matter how high the waves are.

Key features

  • High performance real-time outputs of true heading, roll, pitch, heave, surge, sway, acceleration and rate of turn
  • No spinning element hence maintenance free
  • Lightweight corrosion free housing for water depth up to 3000m
  • Easy to integrate and interface, saves valuable mobilisation time


  • Navigation
  • Hydrographic Survey
  • Offshore & Marine Works
  • Stabilisation
  • Sub-Sea Vehicles: (ROV′s & AUV′s)

Technical specifications

Dynamic Accuracy± 0.2° Secant latitude
Settle Point Error± 0.1° Secant latitude
Repeatability± 0.025° Secant latitude
Settling Time (static conditions)< 1 minute (full accuracy)
Settling Time at sea (any state)< 3 minutes (full accuracy)
Speed CompensationNo limitation
Latitude RangeNo limitation
Heave/ Surge/Sway Accuracy5cm or 5% (whichever is highest)
Heave motion Periods0.03 to 1000 s (tunable)
Roll and Pitch Dynamic Accuracy0.01°
RangeNo limitation (-180° to 180°)
Follow up SpeedUp to 500°/s
In-room bias stability (rms)Accelerometers: 20µg
Fiber-optic Gyroscopes: 0.005 °/h
Bias stability over temperature rangeAccelerometers: ± 500µg
Fiber-optic Gyroscopes: ± 0.05 °/h
ResolutionAccelerometers: 10µg
Accelerometers: 10µg Fiber-optic gyroscopes: 0.2 Arc second
Vibrations1g sine (5 to 50 Hz)
Shocks Operating30 g 6ms
Shocks (survival)50g 11ms
Operating Temperature-40°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to +80°C
MaterialDuplex Steel
Depth Rating3000 m
Mounting6 off M6 Holes
Connector16-Pin MCBH16 M Subconn
Input1 Serial
Outputs1 Serial / 4 Analogue (14 bits / ± 10 V)
Power Supply24 V DC
Consumption12 W


Housing (∆ x H)179 x 308 mm7 x 12.1""
Base Plate (∆ x H)209 x 10 mm8.2 x 0.4""
Weight in air25 kg55 lbs
Weight in water17 kg37.5 lbs