Odom Echotrac 3200 MkII

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Odom Echotrac 3200 MkII - Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

The Echotrac duel frequency survey echosounder gives high resolution thermal printing, microprocessor and DSP techniques and flat screen graphic displays. Three 16-bit processors share the real time computing tasks of the echo sounder and make it an extremely capable and easily interfaced instrument. The sonar transceiver, echo processor, graphical operator interface and hard copy recorder are all housed in one portable, splash-proof case. The unit, which is suited to table top, bulkhead or rack mounting is equally at home on either small survey launches or large ships.


  • Suitable for use in the shallow of rivers and harbors, the mission variable unit is also capable of working to depths of over 2,000 meters.

Technical specifications

FrequenciesEither single or dual frequency units are available: Standard frequencies 24kHz and 200kHz.
Optional Frequencies: Low (12kHz to 50kHz) High (100kHz to 1MHz)
PrinterThinfilm thermal print head, 216mm (8.5 ) wide, 8 dots per mm (203/in), capable of printing up to 16 grey shades.
Display and KeypadFilm Super Twist Nematic (FSTN) Dot Matrix LCD Module (320 x 200 pixels, 0.38mm x 0.52mm dot pitch), Six inch (156.4mm) diagonal measure, on board controller and Fluorescent Back Lighting (CFL).
In dual frequency operation, both high and low frequency depth values are displayed continuously. The 16 key Nema 12 sealed unit keypad is used by the operator for direct parameter entry and functional control from the front panel.
DigitiserBottom tracking capabilities of the unit are enhanced by utilizing the Digital Signal Processing features of the digitiser processor. This DSP capability yields a proprietary unambiguous and deterministic bottom detection method, even in the presence odd
Interfacing & AnnotationFour bi-directional RS-232 serial ports are standard. Depth information is output after each sounding cycle with the standard string including values for both the high and low channels in dual frequency operation.
Custom output strings conforming to other major echo sounder formats are available. System parameters can be configured via the communication ports. The Echotrac accepts annotation of up to 80 characters (printed on the Fix Mark Line), in the proper for
Fix MarksWater depth, time, date, and fix number, are automatically annotated at every Fix mark. Beginning fix numbers, (incrementing or decrementing) can be selected via the front panel key pad or input via the serial interface from a computer over the serial or
Heave CompensationDirect connection to most modern heave compensation sensors via a dedicated serial port. Heave and corrected seabed are printed on the chart in addition to raw depths. Corrected depths or raw depths and heave values can be selected for output by the oper
Paper DimensionsRecording Width: 216mm, Length: approx. 30m.
Chart ResolutionA Scale width of 15 meters utilizes 1500 dots of the available 1728 dots across the array. This configuration yields true, one dot per centimetre resolution on a very usable scale width. Closer analysis of the seabed in shallow water is possible using th
Scale LinesScale lines are annotated automatically so that at least one set of beginning and ending values can ce seen in the chart window at all times. Scale values, scale lines, and annotation are printed in inverse shading through the bottom record. Sounding is
Chart Paper SpeedChart speed can be varied from a minimum of 0.1cm/min. to a maximum of 30cm/min. Software is incorporated in the unit to control the chart speed of the unit via the RS-232 input, from an external computer.
Power RequirementsThe system operates from DC voltages between 11 and 29 Volts, of sufficient current capacity to supply 100 watts of average power to the load.
Operating TemperatureFrom 0°C to 55° in conditions of humidity up to 95% non-condensing.


Weight21.7kg48 lbs
Dimensions (HxWxD)Dimensions (HxWxD)18.5 x 17" x 11""