PacCrest Radio modem System

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PacCrest Radio modem System - Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

The RFM96W radio modem family provides high performance and high reliability wireless data communication. Designed specifically for portable and mobile field applications, the rugged RFM96W features 100% duty cycle operation, various RF power outputs, and compact size. Advanced techniques such as forward-error-correction with data scrambling enable reliable operation in low or fading signal conditions.

The RFM96W features a watertight design for operation in unprotected environments common in field applications. Models are available with receive only, 2W, or 35W RF power outputs. 35W units can be switched to 2W operation for power conservation or use in activities where low power output is appropriate. All models feature a fully synthesized multi-channel radio that allows operation on all frequencies in the supported UHF or VHF bands.

Standard equipment includes a comprehensive user s manual with programmer s guide, power/data cable and configuration software. Optional power supplies, antennas and antenna mounts are also available.

Key features

  • Reliable- RF modem designed for high performance applications where up to 100% duty cycle and all-weather operation is required.
  • Fast- state-of-the-art technology provides high data throughput for advanced field data applications
  • Intelligent - multi-protocol c
  • Compact - small size and light weight makes the RFM96W ideal for portable use.
  • Powerful - receive-only, low, and high power versions provide the range required for most applications.

Technical specifications

InterfaceRS-232 compatible interface. User configurable for common baud rates to 38,400 and parity. Interface does not require hardware handshake control.
Power RequirementsExternal power supply range of 10-15 VDC. Receive only 0.6W 0.5W RF 1.2W, 7.5W during TX. 2W RF 1.2W, 10.2W during TX. 35W RF 1.8W, 100W during TX.
Link Rate9600, 4800 baud.
Transmission ProtocolsFast asynchronous, transparent, packet switched, and digipeater.
ModulationGaussian Minimum Shift Keying (GMSK) baseband modulation with programmable transmit BT of 0.5 or 0.3.
FEC ProtocolHamming code (12,8) with data interleave for burst error correction up to 20 consecutive bits in transparent and packet modes of operation.
General Radio SpecificationsSynthesized frequency control. Channel spacing resolution of 12.5 kHz or 25 kHz depending on model. Frequency stability 2.5ppm (1ppm option available). Refer to price list for available frequency bands.
TransmitterReceive only, 0.5W, 2W, & 35W RF power (±20%) versions available. Modulation distortion <5%. Duty cycle 100%. Transmitter attack time <16ms. Spurious and harmonic FM -55dBc. FM hum and noise -40dB.
ReceiverSensitivity -117dBm (12 dB SINAD). Adjacent channel selectivity -70dB (25kHz). Spurious and image rejection -70dB. Intermodulation -70dB. FM hum and noise -40dB. Conducted spurious -57dB.
Type AcceptanceAll models are type accepted and certified for operation in the European Community.
TemperatureOperating: -30° to 60° C (-22° to 140°F). Non-Operating: -55° to 85° C (-67° to 185°F).
Vibration/ShockIEC 68-2-55.
EnclosureIEC 144/855420 I.P. 66 Dust-tight and watertight.
RF ConnectorEnvironmentally sealed BNC (50W).


Receiver7.0cm W x 2.9cm H x 9.3cm L.2.75 W x 1.15" H x 3.66" L"0.2kg7 oz
35 W Radio10.9 cm W x 9.4 cm H x 13 cm L4.3 W x 3.7" H x 5.2" L"1.25 kg2lbs. 12 ounces