Polatrak Deep C Meter MkII ROV SP Measurement System

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Polatrak Deep C Meter MkII ROV SP Measurement System - Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

The Inter Resources Deep-C-Meter Mk.II is a complete ROV interfaced Cathodic Protection, CP, Monitoring System. The model comprises of three basic parts; The Readout Unit, twin voltmeters housed in a stainless steel pressure housing. The Probe, a twin element, tip contact, CP probe (POLATRAK Model ROV II). The Flying Lead, a 2 meter long umbilical that connects the probe to the readout. Now the readout and probe units have been separated to allow far greater flexibility of operation.

The Polatrak ROV II can be used as either a proximity or tip contact probe. All parts of the probe are replaceable, and like all Polatrak probes it has twin, pluggable Ag/AgCl electrode elements. The POLATRAK ROV II KIT includes the following items: Carry case suitable for wet offshore storage, 6 foot cable whip for ROV interface, Spare tips, Operations Manual, Zinc Calibration coupon, ROV compliant Tee-Handle Mount.

POLATRAK II FEATURES: ROV 2 is 1,000 fsw (3000M) rated, Twin element electrodes, Surface computer readout, Uses 6 VDC power, Neutrally buoyant , CP Gun is diver held or ROV mount and depth rated to 1,000 ft. Dual readout.

Key features

  • Easier to keep camera focused on readouts.
  • Easier to handle small probe in manipulator.
  • Probe can be wire into ROV umbilical if required for surface readout and/or proximity measurement if required.