Reson 8125 1500m Seabat System

Available as:
  • Rental
  • Sale (ex rental)

Reson 8125 Seabat System (1500m) - Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

The SeaBat 8125 echosounder can be used for navigation, relocation and microbathymetry. It is the forst wide-sector, wide-band, focused multibeam sonar ever to be deployed. Utilising 240 dynamically focused receive beams, the system measures ranges at a depth resolution of 6mm. The back scatter intensity image is displayed in real time on the sonar display. The 8125 can be controlled through its native user interface, or through an external control data collection and navigation software package.

The Reson SeaBat 8125 utilizes high-frequency, focused near-field beamforming to provide an unprecedented level of intricate detail.

Operating at 455 kHz, the SeaBat 8125 covers a 120° sector using 240 beams of 0.5° . It is available with imaging capability, bathymetry capability or both.

Compact and light-weight, yet depth-rated to 1500 metres, the SeaBat 8125 is ideally suited for mounting on an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). An optional Fibre-Optic interface permits long cable lengths.

The system can be mounted on a survey vessel of deployed on a ROV at depths down to 1500m. The high-speed data uplink is carried on a standard SeaBat copper cable for surface installation. A fiber-optical interface is available for ROV deployment.

Sale Information
Ex-rental unit (processor only) for sale - sold as seen. Contact us for information.


  • Profiling small pipes and cables
  • Conducting high-definition inspections
  • High-resolution surveys

Technical specifications

Frequency455 kHz
Depth Resolution6mm
Swath Coverage120°
Max Range/Depth120 m
Number of beams240
Along-Track Beamwidth
Across-Track Beamwidth0.5°
AccuracyIHO Special Order U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Special Order
Operating SpeedUp to 12 knots
Max Update Rate40 times/sec
Transducer depth rating1500m