Sonardyne Scout USBL system

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Sonardyne Scout USBL system – Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

Scout USBL is a complete vessel based underwater tracking solution for commercial divers, ROVs and towfish. Compact, portable and easy to install on any vessel, Scout is designed to appeal to users with little or no prior experience of acoustic positioning and those who want to arrive on location, switch on and begin tracking a target immediately. Scout calculates the position of a subsea target by measuring the range and bearing from a vessel mounted transceiver to a small acoustic transponder fitted to the target; a technique known as Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) positioning. USBL positioning is widely used by the offshore and oceanographic industries as it offers high accuracy performance combined with ease of operation. One of its main advantages is that no other in-water acoustic equipment has to be deployed before underwater operations can commence. Only the targets being tracked need to be equipped with a transponder.

The Sonardyne Scout USBL system is comprised of four main components; control software, a rack mounted command and interface unit (Type 8038), acoustic transceiver (Type 8024) and a low cost transponder, that is attached to each target being tracked. Software - The PC software has been designed to be very easy and intuitive to operate with only basic user training required. Features include Wizards and Tools that guide an operator through the process of planning a job and configuring transponders in preparation for tracking. The User Interface shares a common look and feel with Sonardyne s latest generation of Fusion software products thereby ensuring operator familiarity when switching between products. SIU - The Surface Interface Unit (SIU) supplied with standard Scout is a rack-mountable unit that supplies power and communications to the system s transceiver. It s connected to the user s own PC or laptop via a serial or USB link and requires a 110-240V AC power supply. Transceiver - The Scout transceiver provides a hemispherical pattern of acoustic coverage enabling tracking of targets from far below through to near surface. For this reason, it is suitable for a wide variety of tasks such as towfish tracking. The compact and lightweight design of the transceiver allows it to be deployed on a rigid, over-the-side pole or through a standard 150mm (6') gate valve if one is available. To simplify set-up, an integrated motion sensor automatically compensates for the dynamic motion of the vessel. For higher accuracy work external reference sensors can be used. Transponders - Scout USBL is compatible with the Coastal Acoustics family of low cost HF frequency transponders. The transponders have been designed for applications where size and weight are important operational factors, such as installation on the back of a diver or small ROV. They are also compatible with our Wideband SubMini (WSM) range of transponders

Key features

  • Easy to Install
  • High Performance
  • Integrated magnetic heading, pitch and roll sensor
  • Lightweight aluminium alloy housing
  • Over-the-side or through-hull deployment options

Technical specifications

Operating FrequencyHF (35-55kHz)
Operating Range500 metres
Acoustic Coverage±90° below transceiver
Accuracy±2.75% of Slant Range (With integrated heading/pitch/roll sensor) ±0.5% of Slant Range (With external heading/pitch/roll sensors)
TrackingSimultaneous tracking of multiple subsea targets
Integrated sensorsMagnetic heading (0.5deg) and Pitch/Roll (0.25deg)
Deployment MethodThrough-hull or Over-the-side (Aluminium Bronze)
MaterialsAluminium alloy (hard anodised) & plastic
Ports4 x Serial Ports, 1 x USB 2.0
External InputsTranceiver, Power, Responder, Trigger
Power Supply110/230V AC


8024 Transceiver500mm x 145mm19.7 x 5.7""In air 10kg, in water 2.2kgIn air 22lbs, in water 4.8lbs
SIU432mm x 305mm x 51mm17 x 12" x 2""3kg6.6lbs