Silverwing Floormap3Di-M – Tank Floor Scanner

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Silverwing Floormap3Di-M Tank Floor Scanner - available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology. 

Available for rental/hire, the Silverwing Floormap3Di-M is an automated scanning system for accurate and efficient corrosion inspections on tank floors.

By combining two technologies - Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) & Surface Topology Air-Gap Reluctance Sensor (STARS) – the Floormap3Di-M can detect and size corrosion and pitting on pipelines and storage tanks. The inclusion of STARS allows the inspector to determine whether the corrosion is top side, bottom side or below the surface coating.

The scanner head provides excellent probability of detection and benefits from high resolution 64 channel sensor arrays to fully maximise detection capabilities. This is further supported by the processing algorithms which introduce greater accuracy for defect area presentation by automatically separating and filtering “Noise” indications. 

With scanning speeds of up to 1m/s, the Floormap3Di-M allows you to quickly scan large areas without compromising inspection data. Unlike manual scanning systems, the Floormap3Di-M benefits from full data capture. The data can be imported into the SIMS reporting software and used to produce a CAD drawing of the tank which will display the location and severity of all corrosion.

The Floormap3Di-M also has from a Dynamic Cursor tool which allows you to identify difficult to size defects such as deep pits, bacterial attack and through holes.

To ensure inspection flexibility, the Floormap3Di-M benefits from digital calibration which allows you to calibrate the instrument to suit your inspection requirements. The calibration routine creates separate calibration curves for top side and bottom side corrosion, the software can then identify if the signal is generated from the top side or bottom side and will apply the most relevant calibration curve.

The Floormap3Di-M has multiple view options which include Calibrated MFL View, STARS Top View, MFLi View and MFL Raw View. Examples of the data views are available by downloading the brochure (please see the downloads tab). The Floormap3Di-M also has inspection modes for “Free scan” and “Stop on defect” which utilise adjustable thresholds so you can automate the scanner to stop once a defect has been identified. 

Rents with: Data Lead , IEC Lead, Computer Mount Bracket, PSU 12V 60W, Metric Hex Key set, Shims (set of 1), Battery Charger, Battery Assy (12V 28AH), Magnetic Shield Plate, Magnetic Shield side plate, Battery Cover, User Manuals and Calibration Certificate

Renting the Silverwing Floormap3Di-M

The Silverwing Floormap3Di-R is available for rental / hire. Prior to dispatch, the Floormap3Di-R will go through vigorous pre-rental checks to ensure it’s in full working when you receive it. Our experienced technical team will be on hand should you need any support throughout your rental.

Once your inspection is complete you can either return the equipment to us, or contact us to arrange a collection.  

Key features

  • Automated corrosion mapping system for tank floor inspections
  • Scanning speeds up to 0.5m/s: cover large areas without compromising inspection result
  • Technology: Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) & Surface Topology Air-Gap Reluctance Sensor (STARS)
  • MFL: Detection & Sizing
  • STARS: Top & Bottom Discrimination
  • Full data capture: all inspection data is stored and available for additional reporting
  • Excellent probability of detection: down to indications that can measure 2mm
  • Through coat inspections: up to 6mm
  • Sizing and verification tool: Dynamic Cursor (DC) identifies difficult to size defects
  • Battery powered: runs for up to 4 hours (rents with 2 battery packs)
  • SIMS reporting: create high quality reports and CAD drawings


  • Automated tank floor inspections
  • Corrosion mapping

Technical specifications

Principle of operation:Magnetic Flux Leakage & Magnetic Field Reluctance (STARS)
Method of detection:256 Hall Effect sensors, 64 channels
Top and bottom discrimination:Yes, using STARS technology
Test through coatings:Yes, if non magnetic
Speed:Variable from 500 mm / second (19.7" / second) to 1 m / second (39.4" / second)
Scan width:Max 300 mm (12")
Maximum single scan length:32 metres (1,260")
Scan coverage:9 m² / minute (97 ft² / minute) to 18 m² / minute (194 ft² / minute)
Positional accuracy:± 0.04% (± 3 mm over 8 metres) (± 3/32" over 315")
Method of propulsion:DC motor, anti-static drive wheels
Rollers:Heavy duty, multi compound rollers
Minimum man-way size:500 mm
Transit case:Meets IATA requirements for transporting magnetisable material
Power requirements:1 x 12V, 42 amp-hour sealed lead acid batteries
Batteries:Supplied with 2 batteries and 2 chargers for continuous use
Typical battery operational time:Up to 4 hours
Operating temperature:-30°C to 55°C (-22°F to 131°F)
Storage temperature:-35°C to 75°C (-31°F to 167°F)
Humidity:10 - 95% RH
Minimum defect detection sensitivity:2 mm (0.08") diameter pipe type 50% deep
Minimum defect sizing sensitivity:20% material loss (ball type) under floor and top surface **
Maximum coating thickness for accurate sizing:6 mm (1/4") coating on 6 mm (1/4") plate
5 mm (3/16") coating on 8 mm (5/16") plate
3 mm (3/32") coating on 10 mm (3/8") plate
1 mm (5/64") coating on 12 mm (15/32") plate
Supported plate types:Rectangle, annular and sketch
Scan overlap:0 to 250 mm (9.8") with transparent tracks to show all defects
Un-scanned area:10 mm (3/8") from plate weld, 160 x 160 mm (6.3 x 6.3") corner dead zone
Real time analysis:Defect size, x / y position, plate view, top/bottom, MFL, MFLi, STARS


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