Silverwing Scorpion - Ultrasonic Crawler

Available as:
  • Rental

Available to rent/hire from Ashtead Technology, the Silverwing Scorpion Ultrasonic Crawler.

The Scorpion is a rugged remote access ultrasonic (UT) crawler designed for effective ultrasonic inspection on ferro-magnetic structures such as storage tanks, vessels and offshore installations without the need for costly scaffolding or rope access associated with UT thickness gauging.

When combined with the UT Lite the Scorpion continuously records thickness measurements as it moves over the inspection surface. The recorded thickness information is presented in the software as an A-scan trace, a digital thickness measurement and a B-scan profile.

Click here to learn more about the UT Lite.

The Scorpion DCP/A remote access crawlers use a unique “Dry Coupled” ultrasonic wheel probe eliminating the need for traditional couplant. This allows the crawler to travel vertically, horizontally or even inverted whilst still fully functional, and removes the need for constant water supply.

The wheel probe performs like a standard twin ultrasonic transducer, and can measure thickness from 2.5 mm to over 100 mm, including through paint. In front of the wheel probe is a neodymium magnet which maintains constant probe pressure whilst travelling on the inspection surface.

Key features

  • Complete UT crawler system
  • Full A-scan capture
  • High resolution B-scan image
  • Full recording of waveform up to 50 m distance
  • Simple profile, or full amplitude display
  • Battery powered for easy use
  • Permanently stored data for recall to assist with RLA & RBI trend forecasting
  • Field proven reliability
  • No couplant or paint removal required
  • Lower safety incident risk
  • Aid to reduce maintenance costs by minimising use of scaffolding


  • Ultrasonic inspection on ferro-magnetic structures such as storage tanks, vessels and offshore installations

Technical specifications

AdhesionNeodymium iron boron magnets mounted in centre of carriage
Pull off force13.6 Kg (29lb)
Drivefour (4) independent 12v Dc motors
Drive wheelsCoated in special non-slip synthetic rubber compound
Speed25 mm/second (1” /second)
Umbilical cable lengthB-Scan and DCP 30 metres (98 feet), DCP 50 metres (164 feet)
Transducer B-scan/DCPDry coupled wheel using “Ro-Cee” rubber 5 Mhz dual / twin compression
Transducer BPIrrigated dual 5 MHz
Near surface resolution2.5 mm (0.1”)
Power supply28 Ah sealed lead acid gel battery pack with integral charger
Test time8 hours complete system


ScorpionL: 385 mm x W: 222 mm x H:102 mmL:15.2” x W: 8.7” x H: 4”4.75 Kg10.7lbs
UT LiteL: 360 mm x W: 310 mm x H: 240mmL: 14.2" x W: 12.2" x H: 9.5"4.75 Kg10.7lbs