Sonardyne MF Compatt Mk5

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Sonardyne MF Compatt Mk5 – Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

The Compatt 5 is a microcomputer controlled subsea transponder used for acoustic navigation and positioning.

Compatt 5 is based on a totally new electro-mechanical design and employs the latest acoustic signal processing technology. This new platform is designed to take Compatt forward for many years with regular upgrading of capability, easily installed by the user.

The current Sonardyne acoustic architecture, the language that Compatts use, has now reached the limits of development. Compatt 5 is therefore necessary to support a new acoustic architecture, utilising modern broadband signals. New ship-borne and ROV transceivers to support these new signal processing techniques are now available, together with Pharos navigation software and are known as the Fusion family of systems. These systems will reduce operating times, enable new positioning techniques of unparalleled performance and provide operational flexibility for the foreseeable future.

Backward Compatibility: A key design philosophy is to maintain compatibility with the previous generation hardware, in order to protect customers investment in Sonardyne equipment. Compatt 5 has therefore been initially configured to emulate Compatt 4, whilst offering additional functionality, such as additional reply channels, faster telemetry, alternate CIF mode and status locking for multi-user scenarios. As customers build-up inventories of Compatt 5 and begin using them with the new Fusion generation of positioning systems, the full capability of the Compatt 5 platform can be unlocked.

Cost Savings: Compatt 5 not only offers improved performance, it is also designed to be significantly cheaper to operate and maintain. Through-life costs are reduced by greater flexibility in the utilisation of the transponders in different system configurations and for different applications. In addition, true multi-user capability will enable cost savings through better utilisation of subsea arrays.

Operational efficiency is significantly increased through faster set-up, faster array calibration and faster navigation cycles. Basic maintenance tasks, such as replacing battery packs or changing endcaps, can be accomplished in a fraction of the time, when compared to a Compatt 4.

Sale Information
Ex-rental unit for sale - sold as seen. Contact us for information.

Key features

  • Morden broadband signals, spread spectrum signals
  • Backward compatible, emulate Compatt 4
  • True multi-user capability
  • Faster array calibrations
  • Lighter and smaller than Compatt 4
  • Flange-less exterior enabling easier ROV placement in frames and buckets
  • Fast, simple battery pack replacement
  • Faster acquisition of end cap data

Technical specifications

FrequencyMF (18-36 kHz)
Transducer BeamshapeOmni-directional
Depth Rating3000 m
Relative Positioning Accuracy0.15 - 1.0 m
Maximum Acoustic Range3 km
Acoustic Output Power185 - 192 dB (three levels)
Receive Threshold90 - 120 dB (four levels)
Battery Listening Life1600 (alkaline) 2300 (lithium)
Battery Listening Life400 days (alkaline) 690 days (lithium)
Endcap SensorsStrain Gauge, PRT, Dual axis Inclinometer and power for external sensors
Optional Endcap SensorsHigh accuracy inclinometers, Quartz Pressure Sensor, Sound Velocity sensor and High accuracy strain gauge.


Weight in air21.6 kg47.6 lbs
Weight in water11.2 kg24.7 lbs
Dimensions (D x L)133 x 1035 mm5.2 x 40.75""