Sonardyne Ranger Pro USBL Processor

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Sonardyne Ranger Pro USBL Processor – Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

The Sonardyne Ranger USBL system is a high performance, high accuracy Ultra- Short BaseLine acoustic positioning system designed for Dynamic Positioning (DP) reference and survey operations. The system provides an operating range of up to 4,000 metres. The intuitive user interface means that Ranger is easy to learn, set-up and operate ensuring immediate success.

Ranger Pro is designed for more advanced survey applications. Incorporating Sonardyne s unique ping stacking technology, the system offers fast position update rates (one second independent of water depth), tracking of up to 10 targets and full ocean depth operating range (4,000 metres). Ranger Pro also supports many more Sonardyne and non- Sonardyne medium frequency transponders. A feature available in both Ranger and Ranger Pro is the ability to undertake Inverted USBL (iUSBL) tracking of towfish over super-long laybacks. Rather than mounting the USBL transceiver on the vessel in the traditional manner, with iUSBL the transceiver is installed on the towed body itself. This method eliminates the need for repeated system calibration, whilst the accuracy and repeatability of the acoustic signals is improved as the transceiver is located in a low noise, dynamically stable environment. As Ranger systems share the same topside hardware as Sonardyne s most advanced USBL system, Fusion, users can easily and cost effectively upgrade their capabilities as their experience and requirements grow. The Ranger Pro system is comprised of four main components; a rack mounted or portable Data Fusion Engine, control software, acoustic transceiver and seabed or vehicle mounted transponders. The most popular transceiver for use with Ranger and Ranger Pro is the Type 8021, an all purpose MF frequency unit proven for general survey and DP operations where tracking could be at shallow angles or straight up and down. Transponder options include the Compatt 5, Wideband Sub-Mini (WSM) and Dynamic Positioning Transponder (DPT)

Technical specifications

Operating Range4,000 metres
Acoustic coverage±90° or ±50° (Depending on transceiver type)
Accuracy0.27% 1 Drms Slant Range (63% of fixes within 2.7 metre radius in 1,000 metres water depth) or 0.20% 1 Sigma Slant Range (39.4% of fixes wit
TrackingSupports tracking of 1 surface vessel and 10 subsea targets
Maximum Update Rate1 second, independent of water depth
Opeating FrequencyMF (18-36kHz)
Ranging AccuracyBetter than 0.2 metres (0.03 metres Wideband)
Positioning RepeatabilityBetter than 0.1% of slant range 1 Drms
Deployment MethodThrough-hull or Over-the-side


8021 transceiver410mm x 225mm16.14 x 8.86""28kg (in air) 13.5kg (in water)61.7lbs (in air), 29.7lbs (in water)