Sonardyne ROVNAV MK5

Available as:
  • Rental
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Sonardyne ROVNAV MK5 – Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

RovNav 5 is a highly configurable, tri-band acoustic transceiver designed to support a family of remote transducers operating in the LF, MF and EHF frequency bands. Its primary use is for operations with ROVs or towed bodies. Used within an array of calibrated seabed transponders, its function is to position a vehicle in Long Base Line (LBL) mode accurately and rapidly.

Alternatively, the RovNav 5 can remain on the vessel fitted with up to four remote transducers and used as a conventional SBL (short base line) transceiver.

Part of a new family of modern and more capable transceivers from Sonardyne, RovNav 5 had been designed to be easily upgraded with new firmware that can be downloaded from a PC without opening the pressure housing. It can support future system architechtures as well as the transmission, reception and processing of advanced broadband, spread-spectrum signals.

RovNav 5 is also fully compatible with Sonardyne's existing range of acoustic products and can emulate Sonardyne PAN commands. However, its full potential is not realised unil it is used as part of a Fusion system.

A Noise Shield is also available to rent as an accessory for this product.

Sale Information
Ex-rental unit for sale - sold as seen. Contact us for information.

Key features

  • Auto-sensing of remote transducers
  • Supports both RS-232 and RS-485 serial interface
  • Remote firmware upgrade via serial interface
  • PAN Emulation mode provides backward compatibility
  • Fully agile receivers allow for simultaneous acoustic receiving on multiple Remote Transducers
  • Operates on ROV and when fitted with dunker transducer on the vessel

Technical specifications

FrequencyLF, MF and EHF
Depth rating4,000 meters
Remote Transducer Ports2 standard (4 maximum)
Operating Voltage24V (18 - 36 V)
Serial communicationsRS232 (Full Duplex) or RS485 (Half Duplex)
Sensor OptionsTemperature compensated Strain Gauge, Paroscientific Digiquartz, Platinum Resistance Thermometer and Valeport Sound Speed Sensor.
Mechanical ConstructionAluminium alloy, hard anodised, s/steel guards and connectors.
ConnectorsBurton FCR 5506-2008


Weight in air13.5 kg29.8 lbs
Weight in water6.5 kg13.7 lbs
Dimensions (D x L)132.8 x 749 mm5.2 x 29.5""