Tritech Seaking DFS Sonar Head

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Tritech Seaking DFS Sonar Head – Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

The Tritech Seaking DFS is a very fast scan rate imaging sonar, which contains two sonars in a single subsea housing. A 325 kHz sonar for range up to 250m for target acquisition, and a 675 kHz sonar for short range high definition work. Scan rate can be as high as 180° per second dependant on range and resolution.

Other features are the real time variable level true acoustic zoom and ability to switch the sonar from 325 to 675 kHz remotely. These heads utilise an ultra fast 150 kHz baud comms. link and are used with a SCU3 fitted with Seaking communications card, and are availble to rent from Ashtead Technology.

Sale Information
Ex-rental unit for sale - sold as seen. Contact us for information.

Technical specifications

Operating Frequency325 & 675 kHz
Beamwidth, vertical20° (325) 40° (675)
Beamwidth Horizontal3.0° (325) 2.0° (675)
Maximum range300m (325) 150m (675)
Minimum Range0.4m
Range Resolution5-100mm depending on range
Source Level212 dB re 1 uPA at 1 m
Pulse Length2-300 microsec
System bandwidth12 kHz
Scan modesvarious combinations of resolution and speed
Mechanical step sizes0.45°,0.9°,1.3°,1.8°
Mechanical resolution0.225°
Scanned sectorvariable to 360°
Continuous 360° mode availableYes
Sector offset mode availableyes
Maximum operational depth4,000 m
MaterialsAluminium alloy-HE30, RPU
FinishHard anodised black
Standard connectorTritech 6 pin with water block
Operating Temperature-10°C to +35 °C
Storage Temperature-20°C to +50°C
Power requirements18 to 36 VDC @ 6VA
Data communication rate154.25 kBaud
Communication requirementsTwisted, pair, modem or coax


L x D242mm x 105mm9.5 x 4.1""
Weight in air3kg6.6 lbs
Weight in water1.4 kg3.1 lbs