Vaisala PTB220 Barometer (Class A)

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Vaisala PTB220 Barometer (Class A) – Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

Vaisala BAROCAP® Digital Barometer PTB220 is designed for measurements in a wide environmental pressure and temperature range. The barometers are ideal to be used e.g. as ship barometers, as transfer standards, in weather stations and as replacements for mercury barometers.

The PTB220 barometers feature extremely high accuracy. Class A barometers are fine adjusted and calibrated against a deadweight tester. A single barometer can have one, two or three pressure transducers. Two or three transducers provide redundancy, which improves measurement reliability in airport, weather station and pressure standard applications. The local display has two rows and it can simultaneously show the barometric pressure, three-hour pressure trend and WMO pressure tendency code.

The PTB220 barometers use the inhouse developed Vaisala BAROCAP® Sensor. This silicon capacitive absolute pressure sensor has excellent hysteresis and repeatability characteristics, and outstanding temperature and long-term stability.

Sale Information
Ex-rental unit for sale - sold as seen. Contact us for information.

Key features

  • -40 to +60 ºC (-40 to +140 ºF) operating temperature range
  • 500...1100 hPa or 50...1100 hPa pressure ranges
  • High accuracy ± 0.15 hPa (Class A)
  • Long-term stability ±0.1hPa/yr (500...1100 hPa)
  • NIST traceable (certificate included)
  • Optional display can simultaneously show the barometric pressure
  • Several output options


  • For measurements in a wide environmental pressure and temperature range
  • Ideal for use e.g. ship barometer, transfer standard or replacement for mercury barometers

Technical specifications

Pressure range50..1100 hPa
Temperature range
operating-40 to +60ºC (-40 to +140ºF)
with local display0 to +60ºC (+32 to +140ºF)
storage-60 to +60ºC (-76 to +140ºF)
storage with local display-20 to +60ºC (-4 to +140ºF)
Humidity Rangenon-condensing
Linearity±0.05 hPa
Hysteresis±0.03 hPa
Repeatability±0.03 hPa
Calibration uncertainty±0.07 hPa
Accuracy at 20°C±0.10 hPa
Temperature dependence±0.01 hPa
Total Accuracy (-40 to +60°C / -40 to +140°F)±0.15 hPA
Long-term stability±0.1 hPa / year
Supply voltage10...30 VDC reverse polarity protected
Supply voltage sensitivitynegligible
Current consumption
operation modeless than 30 mA
with local displayless than 50 mA
hardware shutdown modeless than 0.1 mA
Serial I/ORS 232C full duplex or bidirectional TTL level or RS 485/422 half duplex
paritynone, even, odd
data bits7 or 8
stop bits1 or 2
Pulse outputTTL level pulse output at 5 kHz or 50 kHz
Pressure unitshPa, mbar, kPa, Pa, inHg, mmH20, mmHg, torr, psia
Baud rates300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
Resolution0.01 hPa
Settling time at power-up (one sensor)4 s
Response time (one sensor)Normal - 2s
fast measurement mode - 0.2s
Acceleration sensitivitynegligible
Pressure connectorM5 (10-32) internal thread
Pressure fittingbarbed fitting for 1/8" I.D. tubing quick connector with shutoff valve for 1/8" hose
Maximum presure limit5000 hPa abs.
Electrical connectorfemale 9-pin subD
Housingepoxy painted aluminium
Electromagnetic compatibilityComplies with EMC standard EN 61326-1, Generic Environment