Valeport 740 Tide Gauge

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Valeport 740 Tide Gauge – Available for rental, hire and ex-rental purchase from Ashtead Technology.

The Model 740 is a small, cost effective Water Level Recorder or Tide Meter, specifically designed for applications where the user simply requires an accurate record of water height, rather than the more sophisticated tide gauges that Valeport offer. Suitable for use in fresh or salt water, the 740 can be deployed for up to 2 years, dependant on the sampling rate, with instrument set up and data retrieval via PC software supplied. Alternatively, the system can be supplied with radio modules for real time data transmission.

Technical specifications

Transducer TypeVented strain gauge, with stainless steel mounting bracket.
RangeStandard 10dBar (approx 10m), with 20m cable. Other ranges and lengths available.
Accuracy±0.1% Full Scale.
CalibrationHeld within logging unit.
Logging Unit HousingBlack anodised aluminium, waterproof to IP67 (0.5m for 30 secs), but system includes transducer vent to atmosphere. The electronics are seal
Power4 "D" cells within housing. Alkaline cells provide power for over 900 days at 20 minute sampling with burst length of 10 secs.
Memory128kbyte solid state, allowing over 65,000 data points. Equivalent to over 900 days at 20 minute sampling. New data file created every time
SamplingRaw data sampled at 4Hz and logged as average over burst. Burst length is selectable between 1 and 60 seconds. Cycle time is selectable from
SwitchingDelay start time set by PC. Switch on by fitting waterproof plug or comms lead to comms port.
ResolutionData logged to 1mm resolution. Raw data sampled at 14 bit (1:16384) resolution.
Comms.RS232 via 3m cable to PC, or via 1m cable to radio unit.
Radio FrequencySelectable frequency UHF synthesised radio transceiver, operating in UK licence exempt band (458.5 - 458.9 MHz).
Radio Power OutputSupplied as nominal 100mW peak output.
RS232 Ouput4800 baud, 8,1,N.
Transmitter¼ wave rubber duck (standard, ~2km). 3dB omni-directional (option, ~10km)
Receiver3dB omni-directional.
Transmitter Power InputTakes power from Model 740, or from external 12vDC supply.
Transmitter Current0.04mA sleep, 120mA receive, 410mA transmit.
Receiver Power Inputrequires external 12vDC input
Receiver Current120mA receive, 410mA transmit.
Transmitter MaterialIP67 Black anodised aluminium box.
Transmitter ConnectorsTo antenna, Model 740 & external power supply.
Receiver MaterialDesktop style anodised aluminium box.
Receiver ConnectorsTo antenna, 12vDC input & RS232 output.


Transducer18mm x 80mm0.7 x 3.15""
Logging Unit47 x 110 x 235 mm.1.9 x 4.3" x 9.3""1.7kg3.75 lbs
Transmitter200 x 200 x 70mm.7.8 x 7.8" x 2.8""
Receiver200 x 180 x 70mm.7.8 x 7" x 2.8""