Making subsea equipment rental more efficient

A user-friendly and interactive web portal, Aperto is what you have been waiting for to significantly improve your subsea equipment rental experience.

Aperto is an easy-to-use web portal that allows you to manage and track rental equipment anywhere in the world, at any time from any desktop or mobile device.

This simple innovation will deliver tangible time and cost-savings on all your Ashtead Technology rental equipment requirements from initial enquiry and order through to preparation, delivery and full life-of-project support.

Once you are logged on, your unique user details will provide you:

  • Greater insight through real-time 24/7 access to information anywhere wi-fi or 3G/4G is available
  • Simplified, interactive and more transparent order processing and tracking
  • Direct access for swifter and prioritised responses including the ability to access, control and update orders as requirements change
  • Full visibility on service provision, support and performance through life of project
  • Advanced search and find capabilities reducing reliance on time consuming email and phone call follow-up
  • Improved collaboration and knowledge-sharing both with Ashtead Technology and across your organisation

Enquiry handling

Enquiries logged through Aperto are immediately flagged to our sales and technical support teams for priority service.

Documents such as requests for quote (RFQ), project equipment lists, design standards or images can be uploaded when new enquiries are raised reducing the need for further clarification resulting in faster response times.

Access to all live quotes allows proposed solutions to be easily queried and refined before being converted to orders.

Order processing

Rental equipment orders are tracked and are visible from the moment they are confirmed providing a line of sight through the complete delivery cycle whilst equipment is selected, tested, packaged and delivered.

Once delivered access to live orders provides:

  • Real-time information on all rental equipment on hire
  • All certified equipment calibration dates can be checked
  • The ability to view, download and print documents such as delivery notes, calibration certificates and invoices

Life of project support

Support calls logged through the portal are flagged for immediate response by our sales and technical support teams.

All requests and action notes, including those originating from telephone calls or email are logged and remain visible highlighting planned actions and also activities already completed to resolve any issues as they arise.
Detailed notes highlight for example current equipment status, when replacement equipment has been issued, or where expected equipment return date has been updated.


A suite of commonly requested documents are available including delivery and return records, equipment on hire reports, internal calibration certificates and invoices which can be easily viewed, downloaded or printed providing the information you require, where and when you require it.

For immediate access to all your rentals contact your nearest sales team