Asset management

Ashtead Technology provides a range of asset management services to the subsea and onshore environmental monitoring and inspection sectors.

Clients can utilise our extensive secure storage facilities and our expertise for the repair and maintenance of equipment.

Ashtead Technology provides a full pre-mobilisation system configuration and test service and we can help to centralise your asset services, repair and calibration.  We can also track your assets to ensure equipment is upgraded to the latest specifications and we have a worldwide experienced logistics team to ease shipping concerns.

Customers can benefit from:

  • Reduced mobilisation time and costs
  • Reduced overheads
  • Improved asset performance and reduced downtime
  • Maximise equipment performance
  • Improved reliability and maximise operating life
  • Minimise shipping delays
  • Maximise capex utilising our extensive buying power

Please contact your local office for further information.