Testo - Repairs & Calibrations

Ashtead Technology offers an asset management service for Testo 350 and Testo 340 repairs and calibrations to support customers with maintaining equipment. Regardless of who has calibrated your equipment in the past, our service ensures you never miss a calibration or service and minimises any disruption to your workflow. 

Depending on the requirements, repairs and calibrations are undertaken either internally by our trained engineers or sent directly to Testo in the UK.

Why sign up to the asset management system?

  • Never miss a calibration or service again – once your asset details are in our ERP system you’ll receive an automated email one month before your calibration or service is due. We’ll then follow up with a phone call.
  • Simple process – all we need from you is a PO number and collection address; we manage the rest!
  • Rental units – avoid any downtime whilst your unit is unavailable by renting a replacement instrument if required.
  • Software & firmware updates – all software and firmware is updated as part of the calibration, service or repair. 
  • Quick turnarounds – we aim to turnaround basic service and calibrations in one week.
  • Hassle free courier service – our collection and delivery service is available across the United Kingdom.

Rental instruments
To minimise any disruptions to your workload, we can also offer rental replacements whilst your units are in for repair or calibration. The rental fleet includes the Testo 340 and the Testo 350. You can rent one of our units for the duration of your repair or calibration, subject to availability at the time.

Booking your repair or calibration
To book your equipment in for a repair or calibration, please call our office on +44 (0) 845 270 2707 or email London@ashtead-technology.com.

We’ll need the following details:

  • Model name and/or number
  • Serial number of the item(s)
  • Last calibration date
  • Contact details


Which instruments can be repaired or calibrated?
We manage calibrations and repairs for the following units:

How long does a calibration take?
For basic service and calibrations we aim for a week turn around. This will depend on the current workload. You’ll be advised of the expected turnaround time when your equipment is booked in.

How long can repairs typically take?
This can vary, dependent on the nature of the problem. Once your equipment has gone through an initial inspection we’ll be able to advise on the work required and the timescale for completion.

How are costs managed for repairs?
All costs will be confirmed with you before any work takes place.

Can Ashtead offer collection of equipment?
Yes – just call the office to get a quotation.

How do I book a repair or calibration?
To book your Testo equipment in for repair or calibration, please email the team on london@ashtead-technology.com or call +44 (0) 845 270 2707 and confirm the following details:

  • Model name and/or number
  • Serial number of the item(s)
  • Last calibration date
  • Contact details