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Based in Broussard, Louisiana, the primary functions of the Fabrication Technician are to execute client orders efficiently, safely, and profitably for Ashtead Technology. This position plays a critical role in terms of meeting and exceeding client expectations.


  • Responsible for delivering client orders in a professional, timely, and safe manner, and critically important for retaining client business over the longer term
  • Prioritizing workshop projects and resources to optimally meet business demands
  • Working closely with the Machining and Fabrication Supervisor to assist Ashtead to deliver orders
  • Assist all other departments within the company when required to meet client deliveries
  • Adhere to Ashtead Technology’s Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality policies, and industry standards


  • Proficient in Mig, Tig, and Stick welding
  • Must be able to pass welding certification for stainless, aluminium, and mild steel
  • Qualified candidate must have general mechanical knowledge and capability
  • Well-organized and good communication skills
  • Knowledge of diesel engines and pumps preferred but not essential
  • Offshore working experience preferred but not essential