Ashtead Technology has an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of decommissioning applications.

In the UK alone, there are more than 250 fixed installations, 250 subsea production systems, over 3,000 pipelines and approximately 3,650 wells, all of which must be decommissioned.

So far, around 10% of the North Sea has entered the decommissioning phase. It’s an inevitable part of the asset lifecycle and requires careful planning to ensure the operation to remediate the seabed is carried out safely with minimal environmental impact.

Ashtead Technology have the tools and expertise to support a wide range of decommissioning projects. From carrying out underwater surveys and inspections to sampling waste products and monitoring removal operations. We can also deliver metocean-monitoring solutions to provide critical data on sea and weather conditions.

With a focus on providing effective solutions to reduce technical and commercial risk, we can work closely with you to maximise your performance and competitive advantage at all stages of decommissioning.

Other applications

Ashtead Technology offer integrated services and custom-built solutions throughout the asset lifecycle, across a broad range of industrial markets including the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors. Browse our other applications to learn how Ashtead Technology can solve even the most complex subsea challenges.