Cutting, dredging and coating removal

Underwater Cutting Solutions (UCS), an Ashtead Technology company, provides subsea and topside cutting, coating removal, and seabed dredging solutions worldwide.

Combining high-performance, in-house designed technologies with expert knowledge and customer service, UCS has a global track record of success in inspection, maintenance and repair projects.

UCS provides full project support from initial planning stage through to offshore inspection and final reporting, delivering operational efficiency, reduced CAPEX and consistently high safety standards.

Integrated solutions

Discover how Ashtead Technology incorporates market-leading technologies and innovative life of field services to help clients deliver complex projects

Underwater Cutting Solutions (UCS) designs and engineers an extensive array of subsea and topside cutting solutions, suitable for use on caissons, pipelines, tubulars and jackets of various sizes.

The comprehensive range of UCS cutting systems includes diamond wire and dual cut bandsaws, chop saws, hydraulic shears, and abrasive waterjet cutting systems. These can be configured for diver or ROV-deployed use, as many clients move away from traditional methods of diver installation in favour of remote operations.

UCS delivers user-friendly, high performance cutting systems which can be bespoke-engineered to your exact project requirements. International technical support and operational capability is available from highly-experienced and trained UCS technicians.

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The removal of natural material and preparation of the work site is often essential before any cutting or coating removal works can begin. With a range of dredge systems available from 4” to 12”, UCS engineers high-performance dredge systems to assist with the excavation of seabed sand, gravel, clay or rock.

By utilising electricity instead of hydraulics, UCS dredges offer superior suction and efficiency while eliminating the risk of harmful leakage to the environment. Our technical innovations help to improve productivity while maximising safety.

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As assets age and deteriorate over time, it may be necessary to remove their protective coatings to assess their condition from a SA2.5/HB2.5 state, allowing the installation of repair clamps or for other works to be carried out. This requirement is becoming increasingly commonplace as structures around the world begin to reach the end of their working lives.

Thanks to their R&D-driven approach, UCS is experienced in providing high-performance coating solutions and experienced technicians to remove concrete weight coat, bitumen, FBE, epoxy and other coatings without damage to the asset.

UCS carefully applies knowhow and technical performance to ensure that coating removal is effective and asset downtime is minimised.

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