Site investigation solutions

Ashtead Technology have an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of site investigation applications.

Ashtead Technology has the experience and ability to engineer, configure and support complex underwater hydrographic, geophysical and geotechnical survey solutions. We can integrate multiple tasks to reduce the number of separate survey operations, reducing time, providing enablers to achieve effective results while reducing your decommissioning costs.

The acquisition of site data throughout the field is vital in order to effectively prepare and manage potential decommissioning challenges. It is also required to help establish the most effective method of tackling the removal of subsea structures, flowlines and other equipment. A full and thorough survey of the site can provide all the data required to make informed decisions, quickly and reliably, ensuring a safe and cost-effective operation.

Integrated solutions

Discover how Ashtead Technology incorporates market-leading technologies and innovative life of field services to help clients deliver complex projects.

Cost reduction is a major consideration in offshore decommissioning. One way the industry is keeping costs to a minimum is by utilising smaller ROV’s, allowing projects to be delivered without vessel support.

With our knowledge and experience in integration of multiple sensors with data management systems on many types of survey platforms, we can drive higher efficiency. This means you get the most from your subsea survey operation; driving time and cost reduction reliably, whist removing technical and commercial risk.

Our technicians have the expertise and knowledge to increase operational efficiency using a range of robotic and automated technical solutions. We have a successful track record in supporting inspection, obtaining of samples and monitoring operations within tightly confined spaces such as tanks, storage cells, caissons and flowlines.

Accessing confined and enclosed spaces can present major challenges but it is essential in order to acquire critical information ahead of any decommissioning programme. With our expertise, tools and ability to engineer sophisticated application-specific solutions, we can add value to late-life operations, providing vital data which would otherwise be inaccessible.

Ashtead Technology has a wealth of experience in developing solutions to acquire samples from remote and hard-to access locations around offshore production facilities. Sampling solutions include ROV, diver and discrete wireline deployed systems with varying degrees of autonomy, automation and visualisation.

Obtaining samples of solids, fluids and gases from hard-to-reach locations such as storage tanks, ballast chambers, under platforms and around drill centres can be extremely challenging. Getting stuck inside a confined area is a major risk that has to be managed effectively.

With our diverse experience and in-house tooling capabilities, we can provide the best solution for any sampling project, reliably with minimal technical risk.

Prior to decommissioning, it is important to understand the potential impact of removing parts of an asset to ensure structural integrity throughout the operation.

With many offshore assets now operating beyond their expected life span, operators must ensure integrity to avoid unplanned downtime and associated safety and environmental incidents.

Our systems have been proven to drive down inspection, maintenance and repair costs while improving reliability and operational safety.