Mooring and subsea asset inspection

Ashtead Technology's extensive array of packaged solutions cover a range of mooring and subsea asset inspections.

Welaptega, an Ashtead Technology company, is a leading provider of offshore mooring, subsea asset inspection, engineering, and integrity services.

Over their 30-year history, they have developed pioneering technologies and services which FPSO and other offshore asset operators rely on for risk-based integrity engineering, Mooring Fitness for Purpose Assessments (MFPA), and Class and Floating Unit Mooring Assessment (FUMA) insurance compliance.

Using advanced optical/mechanical metrology and NDT tooling technology, Welaptega provides the accuracy and expertise needed to mitigate risk, forestall failure, and manage the ongoing integrity of offshore operations.

Welaptega provides support from the initial planning stage through to offshore inspection and final reporting, delivering proven commercial benefits and risk reduction throughout.

Integrated solutions

Discover how Ashtead Technology incorporates market-leading technologies and innovative life of field services to help clients deliver complex projects.

Accurate optical/mechanical measurement of in-situ subsea mooring chain condition requires the removal of marine growth from chain links.

Welaptega, an Ashtead Technology, company have developed a range of bespoke ROV-deployed tools capable of effectively removing marine growth from moorings.

These tools are available as part of Welaptega’s offshore riser cleaning/inspection inspection service where they can be installed, operated and maintained by experienced offshore inspection technicians.

Alternatively, the cleaning tools can be supplied for use in a wide range of ROV-deployed subsea cleaning tasks.

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Moorings are structurally-complex systems subject to deterioration in harsh dynamic subsea environments, making the achievement of accurate measurements a major undertaking. As a leading global provider of optical/mechanical metrology solutions and services, Welaptega delivers precise three-dimensional information in support of subsea operations.

Welaptega, an Ashtead Technology company, engineers benefit from decades of experience, regular training and are equipped with the latest technologies to process data effectively and achieve maximum performance. We provide bespoke, robust optical and mechanical metrology tools for use in harsh subsea environments, deployable by ROV.

Support is available as part of Welaptega’s offshore mooring inspection service, where the latest technologies can be installed, operated and maintained by experienced offshore inspection technicians.

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In addition to mooring and riser inspections, Welaptega, an Ashtead Technology company, can provide detailed 3D renders for a variety of subsea infrastructure using our bespoke, customisable 3D photogrammetry technology.

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Ashtead Technology integrates diverse sensor technologies with mechanised and automated inspection systems to deliver a step-change in productivity and safety.

Integrity inspection techniques for offshore structures in the splash zone and underwater are increasingly automated, trending towards simultaneous multiple-sensor inspection passes. This can often eliminate the need for human intervention.

We integrate unique solutions for the inspection of caissons, risers, structures and wellheads and in-wellbore applications, delivering major cost reductions over inspection campaigns and improvements in offshore safety.

As the market migrates towards the use of remote riser and caisson systems, the potential to integrate multiple sensors into a single tool deployment creates an opportunity to significantly improve inspection data quality, assessment coverage and reduction in inspection time.

Ashtead Technology specialises in the integration of integrity monitoring solutions onto remote inspection platforms for caisson and riser inspection.

With our knowledge of inspection technologies and remote deployment methodologies, we can provide a fully-integrated inspection package that delivers improved coverage and data quality from deck to seabed, reducing the number of inspection steps to establish integrity and assess risk.

Welaptega, an Ashtead Technology company, can assist with the subsea inspection and cleaning of marine power, data, and signal cables. The Riser/Rope Cleaning and Inspection System (RCIS) can be engineered to clean and inspect the surface of subsea tubular components such as flexible risers, marine cables, umbilicals and fibre/wire moorings.

The RCIS frame is towed by a ROV, efficiently cleaning both soft and hard marine growth. An optional module consisting of four cameras performs a full 360-degree close visual inspection of the riser or rope surface.

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Ashtead Technology provides remote inspection and metrology solutions for wellhead, in-well and annular applications, using laser, ultrasonic and video technologies.

Wellheads and well tubulars require a number of different inspection and verification techniques during operation and maintenance requiring a suite of solutions to meet specific needs.

Examples include inspection of sealing faces, metrology of machined profiles, ovality measurement, material loss crack detection and dimensioning and assessment of solids build-up.

Getting access to structures can be difficult and can involve significant safety risks, particularly under structures and in the air gap between platform and splash zone. When inspection operations are underwater, the challenge becomes even greater.

Ashtead Technology's knowhow delivers substantial cost savings through the delivery of semi and fully-automated robotic inspection systems for deployment on topside or subsea structures.

We can support your scope from the initial planning stage through to the provision of robotic systems and offshore support, delivering proven commercial benefits, reduced inspection time, vessel dependency and costs.

With a drive towards remote automation, robotic inspection systems are commonplace in offshore and hazardous environments. As the delivery vehicle for sensor systems, the real challenge is to integrate inspection technologies onto them so that data is reliable and areas can be mapped effectively.

As a provider of remotely-operated robotic inspection systems for hulls, tanks and storage facilities with a range of assets and sensor technologies, we have the ability to support throughout the planning and execution of inspection campaigns.

Working closely with our clients, we can help deliver highly improved inspection records, reducing time and costs through the use of advanced sensor systems.

Welaptega prides itself on its ability, experience and knowledge to deliver thorough class and regulatory compliance inspections worldwide. With a strong record in Mooring Fitness for Purpose Assessments (MFPA), Welaptega uses a risk-based engineering process to determine the current physical condition and the residual capacity of offshore mooring systems.

Welaptega is ideally-qualified to provide Floating Unit Mooring Assessments (FUMA) as well as Underwater Inspections in Lieu of Dry-docking (UWILD).

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