NDT inspection

Ashtead Technology have an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of NDT inspection applications.

With extensive experience in providing complex NDT inspection solutions, based on the latest advanced technologies and application methods, we can provide a leading edge advantage in non-destructive inspection of all types of components and systems, whether above or below the water line.

Often when assessing the integrity of offshore systems and components the inspection area is difficult to access and can present a range of complex challenges, costing time, potential degradation of data quality and missed defects that could subsequently fail.

Integrated solutions

Discover how Ashtead Technology incorporates market-leading technologies and innovative life of field services to help clients deliver complex projects.

With a substantial and successful track record gained over 30 years of providing NDT inspection solutions, Ashtead Technology is a leader in the provision of advanced technology-based weld inspection solutions.

The inspection of critical areas such as structural and pressured weldments can be complex, difficult and time consuming; with the risk, that vital information could be misinterpreted or missed. These issues become increasingly problematic when underwater and the weld is coated with marine growth.

With our extensive knowledge of weld inspection technologies, specialist sensor transducers and deployment methods, we can provide solutions to maximise both subsea and surface inspections, delivering valuable and reliable data.

Material loss through corrosion is a major consideration when assessing the current state and expected lifespan of an asset. The accurate measurement of corrosion on pipe, tank wall and structural members can provide vital information to verify the rate of degradation. Based on the findings, the correct remedial, replacement or retirement plan can be developed and implemented.

Corrosion mapping can be a lengthy and costly process and at times requires inspection to be performed in hard to access areas, presenting a number of safety risks. The ability to accurately inspect without removing insulation and coatings is essential but can cause significant challenges.

At Ashtead Technology, we can provide leading corrosion mapping solutions based on ultrasonic, acoustic and electromagnetic sensing technologies to speed up the process and accurately assess an asset’s integrity.

Ashtead Technology is a leading provider of flooded member detection systems and can provide solutions based on acoustic and radiographic technologies to detect and measure the extent of water ingress.

Steel members on offshore jacket structures are designed to manage the rate of corrosion and reduce both structural and foundation loading. Detection of water inside a structural member is a positive indication that cracks or corrosion is present.

At Ashtead Technology, we can provide a complete flooded member detection and measurement service, using ROV or diver deployed systems to significantly reduce inspection time. Delivered with or without the need to remove marine growth or coating, we provide a competitive advantage through reduced vessel time.

Ashtead Technology is a leading provider of advanced topside and subsea crack inspection solutions for both on and offshore applications.

Fatigue cracking is common in aging offshore facilities and must be managed as part of the asset lifecycle. Accurate detection and measurement allows propagation rate to be established which can be used to inform remedial action and validate integrity models.

With advanced crack detection methods such as phased array, ACFM, and time of flight diffraction, backed up with more traditional MPI and dye-based detection methodologies, we can deliver maximised inspection efficiency and accuracy across most asset types.

The measurement of cathodic potential in corrosion management systems is an essential part of subsea structural integrity management. It serves to verify and validate the effectiveness of corrosion protection on flowlines and steel structures.

At Ashtead Technology, we provide cathodic potential and sophisticated potential field gradient solutions that can be diver or ROV deployed to reduce inspection time through automation.

We deliver a competitive advantage through providing solutions ranging from precise sensor systems to full automation of data recording, management and eventing to suit any project requirements.