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  1. April 2016 - Ashtead Technology attracts new strategic owners

    Buckthorn Partners and the Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP) have acquired Ashtead Technology, a leading independent provider of subsea equipment and services to the offshore oil and gas industry.The undisclosed funding package from Buckthorn a London-based investment firm, and APICORP a financial institution established by the ten member countries of the Organisation of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries, will allow Ashtead to further expand its service offering through both… Read more ›

  2. April 2016 - To Buy, or Not to Buy… that is the question!

    Several years ago Ashtead Technology was known as Ashtead Technology Rentals, and specialised in hiring the latest technology for those with a short-term or project-based instrumentation requirement. However, many of Ashtead’s customers had a frequent requirement for the same instrument, so the company now also offers instruments for sale. Nevertheless, the decision on whether to rent or buy is affected by a number of factors, and these are discussed below.PreludeAshtead Technology supplies… Read more ›

  3. April 2016 - New web-enabled ambient particulate monitor

    Ashtead Technology has added the new TSI Environmental DUSTTRAK Aerosol Monitor to its fleet of environmental monitoring equipment. Available to rent or purchase, the Environmental DustTrak is an advanced, mains or battery powered instrument for the continuous monitoring of ambient particulates, with ‘cloud’ based connectivity.“This new instrument will be ideal for a wide variety of applications in which ambient particulates are a concern; even in remote locations.” says Ashtead’s Josh… Read more ›

  4. April 2016 - Gas analyser checks printers for compliance and safety

    A leading digital print technology company, Tonejet, recently purchased a portable VOC monitor from Ashtead Technology as part of an ongoing programme to ensure the protection of staff, and to assist in conformity with the ATEX Directive as part of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EEC on CE-Marking.Technological developments in the print and coatings sectors have delivered a wide variety of advantages including a dramatic reduction in the use of solvents and other volatile organic compounds… Read more ›

  5. March 2016 - Monitoring Silica Dusts on Construction Sites

    IntroductionA major constitute for a number of construction materials including bricks, titles, concrete and cement, Silica is a natural substance found in most rocks, clay and sand.  When compromised (via common tasks such as cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing or chipping) these materials generate Silica Dusts which have been linked with serious lung and respiratory diseases, making short and long term exposure incredibly harmful.Silica Dusts can be found in a number of working… Read more ›

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