We operate in challenging environments around the world supporting renewables, oil & gas, infrastructure & industrial markets. 

Our dedicated team, leading technology and service capability available across the globe ensure our customers’ projects are delivered safely, reliably and efficiently.


The renewable energy sector has experienced unprecedented growth as the industry works together to achieve its net zero ambitions and deliver the energy transition. 

Ashtead Technology supports offshore renewables projects from pre-survey support and seabed mapping through to offshore installation, operations & maintenance and decommissioning work scopes.

Oil & gas

Ashtead Technology has supported the international oil and gas industry for decades as the go-to partner for underwater operations.

With experience across the complete life cycle, Ashtead Technology understands the increasingly challenging environments of oil and gas recovery, and the need to ensure safe, sustainable and profitable operations.

Infrastructure & industrial

Ashtead Technology provides an extensive range of monitoring and test equipment for the infrastructure and industrial sectors, covering an array of applications for environmental monitoring, land surveying, non-destructive testing (NDT) and remote visual inspections.

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