Mechanical solutions

Integrated mechanical solutions across the life of field

With a proven track record, Ashtead Technology has successfully served its customers’ global needs for cost-effective, precision-engineered mechanical solutions to enable the successful completion of decommissioning, inspection, maintenance and repair projects.

Combining a fast-track design, engineering and fabrication service with access to one of the world’s largest fleets of ROV and diver tooling, we are able to execute and deliver large work-scopes from a single integrated offering. This approach allows us to improve safety, reduce costs and optimise asset performance, making Ashtead Technology the partner of choice throughout the offshore wind and marine energy sectors.

Ashtead Technology’s suite of mechanical solutions includes subsea coating removal and cleaning, cutting and dredging services, as well as a range of ROV and diver tooling, topside support and additional project support packages.

Ashtead Technology has over 38 years
of domain knowledge and experience in delivering innovative,
industry-leading mechanical solutions
which are applied across the life of field.

ACE Winches acquisition

Ashtead Technology acquired ACE Winches in December 2023 which meaningfully expanded our business by adding complementary capabilities to strengthen our mechanical solutions service line and deliver an enhanced offering to our customers. 

International experts in the provision of decommissioning technologies and services for the offshore energy sector

We offer a comprehensive service capability for the cutting and removal of oil & gas and renewable energy infrastructure, with a proven track record in field clearance and structure & pipeline cutting and recovery.

Mechanical solutions equipment

We offer an extensive range of mechanical solutions equipment to support our customers’ global operations worldwide

Case studies

Showcasing the depth and breadth of our capability and expertise in the mechanical solutions field.

Removal of damaged pipework

Dredging, coating removal and cutting service to remove a damaged pipeline

Dredging operations in New York

Ashtead Technology supported the dredging of a 26in pipeline for inspection and repairs in New York harbour

Decommissioning of north sea assets

Various cutting solutions for the removal of ageing subsea assets

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