ROV sensors


Ashtead Technology offers a comprehensive fleet of ROV sensors for a range of applications including inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR), pipeline/cable detection, subsea asset and seabed surveys.

In addition to ROV sensor equipment rental, we offer 24hr technical support, system integration and any interfacing requirements along with trained and experienced offshore technicians to operate and maintain the systems throughout the project.

Our suite of ROV sensors are available to rent across the globe, these include; 2D and 3D imaging sonars, bathymeters, CTD and SVP, current meters, data acquisition and processing, depth sensors and altimeters, digital stills cameras and video cameras, doppler velocity logs (DVL), flooded member detection (FMD), gyrocompasses, intelligent pressure sensors (IPS), inertial navigation systems (INS), leak detection, motion sensors, multi-beam echosounders, multiplexers, pan and tilts, pipe and cable tracking, power supplies, scanning sonars and profilers, sidescan sonars, single-beam echosounders, sub-bottom profilers subsea lasers and subsea lighting.

ROV sensors equipment