Autonomous structure positioning system for a large jacket installation


To develop an autonomous structure positioning system for a large jacket installation project in the Middle East for i-Tech 7. The scope included providing a portable positioning solution comprising a global navigation satellite system, a fibre optic attitude and heading reference system and a remote IP camera. The system had to communicate with the installation vessel via long range WiFi and have the ability to efficiently manage power.


We supplied a bespoke autonomous monitoring package with built in global navigation satellite system and external connection to a fibre optic AHRS and IP camera along with remote data and power control communication. Given the project location the system was designed to be capable of operating outside in the extreme heat.

Our design and development engineers managed the delivery of the package and developed the required system operation and maintenance documentation along with detailed factory acceptance testing procedures.

Benefits and value

Our customised autonomous monitoring system provided critical installation data for the project minimising the requirement for cables and installation personnel. The smart power control module ensured maximum autonomy from the onboard rechargeable battery. Our custom-built equipment enclosure was capable of keeping the equipment cool in the extreme heat. This was delivered as a fully integrated package thanks to our in-house design and engineering team’s expertise.

We also took advantage of our extensive knowledge of surface positioning and communications equipment to provide the most reliable, fit for purpose, and cost-effective solution.