Riser and umbilical pull-in


Our customer, a global subsea contractor, required a system to install and pull-in six cantenary risers, three flexible risers ranging from 8” – 16” and four umbilical risers, to hang-off positions on the FPU, in water depth of 1370m.

ACE Winches extensive expertise and track record in supporting umbilical and riser pull-ins, positioned us as the perfect partner to develop a customised solution.

Our range of lifting, pulling and deployment solutions are available as part of a packaged service offering, including equipment, project management and offshore personnel.


Leveraging our deep understanding of winch systems, hydraulics, and subsea engineering, we crafted a solution that would ensure the seamless installation and operation of the pull-in system.
The engineering and design team at ACE Winches presented conceptual ideas to deliver safe and efficient installation solutions for the project.

For this project there was no deck space on the north side of the platform, therefore ACE Winches solution was to suspend a linear winch from a pivoting trunnion arrangement overboard.

Benefits and value

• The linear winch design significantly reduced the deck footprint and deck structure loading for the riser installation
• The team provided a full engineered packaged solution including steering winches, ancillary equipment, positioning and wiring
• ACE Winches delivered a solution that not only met the stringent requirements of the project but also provided reliability, efficiency, and safe operations in the challenging offshore environment.