Ashtead Technology to provide ScanFish Katria for UXO surveys offshore North America 

28 May 2024

Ashtead Technology, the underwater technology experts for the global offshore energy industry, has further expanded its service offering in North America through a new rental share partnership with EIVA. This agreement offers Ashtead Technology the ability to provide EIVA’s ScanFish Katria for rental in the region. Recognised as the best-in-class technology for wide-area UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) surveys, ScanFish Katria is an intelligent, wide sweep ROTV (Remotely Operated Tow Vehicle) solution for magnetometer surveys. The proven technology facilitates safe and cost-effective UXO detection and clearance operations, critical to the development of offshore wind farms and other subsea infrastructure.  

The provision of the ScanFish will be managed from Ashtead Technology’s Houston hub, by experts with comprehensive training in maintenance and operation of the system. The agreement adds to Ashtead Technology’s technology portfolio, enhancing the company’s position as the leading subsea technology provider in the region. 

Commenting on this partnership, Phil Middleton, Ashtead Technology’s Head of Survey and Robotics said “This agreement builds on our developing relationship with Covelya Group companies, which includes EIVA. The ScanFish Katria solution significantly expands Ashtead Technology’s growing capabilities in site characterisation, UXO identification, and clearance. With a focus on geographic expansion along the East Coast of North America, this technology will play a significant role in the safe development of offshore wind farms in the region.”  

Phil Middleton, Head of Survey and Robotics

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