New subsea systems approach will reduce cost and risk

2 February 2016

Using its common core building blocks, Ashtead has successfully deployed a range of applications with varying degrees of complexity, providing vital data during subsea construction and life of asset operations.

These applications are the Attitude Monitoring System (AMS), the Deflection Monitoring System (DMS) and the Vibration Monitoring System (VMS). They use common hardware, software and systems integration methodologies to integrate gyro packages, depth gauges, inclinometers and other sensors to provide autonomous packages that can be deployed, used and retrieved by both divers and ROVs.

Mr Macleod added: “The underpinning philosophy has been to standardise instrumentation integration methods and to develop common building blocks that are integrated using simple and robust physical interfaces and software tools that are re-used across diverse applications to reduce risk and the time taken to configure and test these.”

This philosophy takes into account how data is transformed into valuable information and how the information is likely to be used to inform decisions both in real time and in a historic context.

The new system will be explained in detail during a presentation at Subsea Expo on Thursday 4th of February at 3.30pm by Professor Alistair Birnie of Ashtead Technology.

Ross Macleod, Ashtead Technology Business Development Director, said: “Ashtead Technology is providing that step-change through fresh thinking and smarter solutions. We are proud to launch this new system at Subsea Expo. We are inviting the industry to come and talk to us and discuss how this type of smart thinking can be applied on other subsea challenges.”

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