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Applied Acoustics CSP-D700 Seismic Energy Source

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Applied Acoustics CSP-D700 Seismic Energy Source.

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The CSP-D is a seismic energy source for boomer and sparker applications in three variants, the CSP-D700, CSP-D1200 and CSP-D2400. Each unit has the same chassis and 1500J/second HV engine.

The CSP-D incorporates dual-voltage technology that allows the operator to tune the sound source to a particular application for improved data quality.

  • Incorporates dual-voltage technology for exceptional versatility
  • Variable Input Power Circuitry for ‘soft start’
  • Proprietary pulse shaping circuitry for high resolution data
  • Additional safety/protection features
  • All settings externally selectable
  • LED fault indicators
  • High current and voltage solid state (semi-conductor) discharge method
  • Meets EC emissions regulations enabling interference-free field use
  • Supplied in robust transit case, with HV junction box, mains lead and HV connector plug