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Applied Acoustics S-Boom System

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Applied Acoustics S-Boom System.

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The S-Boom System is a high power, high resolution repeatable sound source that can be operated at fast repetition rates.

The transmitted energy is focused by the array geometry to improve the directivity and beam pattern, giving an improvement over traditional sound sources.

  • Deep penetration seismic surveys with ultra high resolution data quality, better than 0.25m
  • Three AA252 boomer plates provide a single, focused beam pattern
  • Deployed with fast-charging CSP-N for optimum results
  • Maximum energy output of 1000J per pulse, firing at 3 pulses per second
  • Can be used with single and multi-channel streamer hydrophone arrays
  • Perfect UHR package for research, mapping and construction geological surveys