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Ashtead Technology Autonomous Monitoring System (AMS+)

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Ashtead Technology Autonomous Monitoring System (AMS+)

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The multifunctional intelligent AMS+ system is a unique project configurable structure monitoring solution. The AMS+ Subsea Structure Monitoring Package measures Heading, Pitch and Roll utilising the latest technology, solid state fibre optic and ring laser gyros. The compact and lightweight design incorporates rechargeable batteries with dual LED displays, allowing a continuous heading display. The unit features a robust ROV operated power switch along with underwater acoustic and surface RF data telemetry and power switching. A subsea electrical hot stab for ROV data and power connection comes as standard.

  • Dual LED display
  • Wireless underwater data telemetry
  • Acoustic data telemetry
  • Hard wire data telemetry
  • ROV electrical hot stab power and data telemetry
  • In-built data logging capability
  • ROV friendly subsea docking mechanism
  • Long battery life
  • Dual battery option
  • Differential pressure monitoring
  • Topside structure attitude monitoring
  • Pipeline spool piece orientation
  • Drilling guidebase installation
  • Subsea template installation
  • Hammered pile installation
  • Suction pile installation
  • Jacket installation