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Ashtead Technology Central Instrumentation Module (CIM)

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Ashtead Technology Central Instrumentation Module (CIM)

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Ashtead Technology’s Central Instrumentation Module (CIM) is a general purpose multi-role controller for use with subsea sensors such as gyros, digital depth gauges etc and can also be configured to drive actuator devices for valves and control equipment used in a wide range of construction support and IMR operations.

The module is designed to operate from a 24V DC battery pack (dual input capability) and incorporates power management to control power to devices and also to monitor the battery consumption outputting an estimate of percent battery life remaining.

Further power management functions include overcurrent and undervolt protection and the ability to remotely command a low power standby mode, via acoustic transponder to minimise battery consumption.

Data can be retrieved from the module either via cable connection or via standard Compatt or CNode transponders, or a full acoustic modem link can be utilised to command the module to perform complex tasks.

  • Multi-role control and communications pod
  • In-built power management facilities
  • Multiple programmable RS232C and RS485 communication ports
  • Dedicated acoustic transponder/modem channel
  • Remote control of sensor power
  • Programme modes for automation functions
  • Stainless steel design rated for 3,000 metres water depth
  • Suited for long term immersion
  • Battery consumption and status monitor
  • Built-in diagnostic features
  • Construction positioning and metrology support
  • Multi-sensor data acquisition
  • Life of field integrity monitoring
  • Control of valves and subsea equipment
  • Subsea automation systems