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Ashtead Technology Deepwater Diamond Wire Saw

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Ashtead Technology Deepwater Diamond Wire Saw

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Running on hydraulic power, the DWDWS is controlled remotely using the Topside Control/Hydraulic Power Unit or by ROV control operable via zero leak hot stab with flying lead.

The ergonomic design of the ROV side interface panel allows for simple operation with feedback in the form of flow meters and pressure gauges. Built-in flotation utilises a compact design that does not significantly increase the saws footprint over Ashtead Technology DWS models. Like the DWS the Deepwater DWS features a self-adjusting auto feed system that automatically matches the feed rate to the cutting rate. They are ideal for compressive cuts, or for use on mixed material such as multi-strand steel and concrete casings.

  • Easily replaceable, long life diamond wire cutting element
  • Hydraulically operated synchronised clamping arms
  • Anti-slip hardened steel clamp grippers
  • Self adjusting automatic feed system with override clutch
  • Flotation rated to 3000 meters (9843 sfw)
  • Fiberglass encapsulated flotation
  • No significant increase to footprint
  • Centre of buoyancy coincident to centre of gravity
  • 5 compliant ROV handles
  • Aluminium “mono-block” control manifold
  • Single zero leak hot stab with 20 ft (6m) flying lead
  • Simple and intuitive (colour coded) ROV interface panel equipped with pressure gauges and flow meters
  • Heavy duty pressure compensated shipping/deployment basket (optional)
  • Cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe, casings and structures