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Ashtead Technology Deflection Monitoring System (DMS)

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Ashtead Technology Deflection Monitoring System (DMS).

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Ashtead Technology’s DMS product range is a diverse family of structural monitoring solutions for offshore construction and IMR applications.
With our field proven standard in-house software and data management systems and precision survey instruments, our DMS system has been used for monitoring structural deflection of structures such as manifolds, templates, PLETs, rigid jumpers and TLP tendons.
Being modular and scalable we can configure robust and reliable systems easily and can provide powerful but easy to use and understand graphic visualisation software, allowing fast learning and minimum potential for error, across the vessel and if required in real time to your desk with our real time NetViewer™ applications.
With remote communications systems providing safety benefits and ability to provide full Internet based support of offshore operations from onshore, our systems have delivered a major step forward in creating a safer, lower cost operating environment, with proven backup support throughout your operations wherever you are. 24 hours a day, every day.

  • Fully integrated monitoring system using proven technologies
  • Configurable platform, allowing easy adaptation for specific applications
  • Robust and reliable systems with proven track record
  • Fully recoverable system
  • Compatible with all field positioning acoustic systems
  • Easily re-deployed for multiple structure installations
  • Intuitive graphic visualisation displays
  • Full on-board data logging at subsea and surface
  • Real time remote surveyor capability
  • Remote management and diagnostic capabilities
  • Subsea manifold, template, plem & plet type structure installations
  • Pile foundation installations
  • Structure foundation stability monitoring
  • Spool load-out and installation monitoring
  • Subsea modification metrology