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Ashtead Technology Dual Pin Drill

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Ashtead Technology Dual Pin Drill.

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Pin drills are used to prepare cut sections of casing for securing and rigging. Ashtead Technology drills are hydraulic and utilise power and control equipment common in other cutting machines. Auto feed is standard.

For single rig points, these drills can be modified to mount anywhere on a casing to drill holes up to 4” in diameter. The Pin Drill incorporates two opposing drills on a mounting frame for drilling precisely aligned holes. Bolts or pins can then be inserted to secure multi-layered casings. Each mounting frame fits a range of casing sizes, and various frame sizes are available.

  • Large hole diameter
  • Variable speed hydraulic drive (250rpm max)
  • Max 15gpm @ 1500psi (spindle drive)
  • 5gpm @ 1500psi (auto feed)
  • Hydraulic auto feed (0 - 0.56”/min)
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Sealed for use in up to 350ft of seawater
  • Versatile mounting configurations
  • 3-point lifting system
  • Auto Feed / Auto clamp
  • Manual feed override
  • Capable of drilling up to 4 1/2” diameter holes