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Ashtead Technology FlexiTxt™ Display

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Ashtead Technology FlexiTxt™ Display

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The Ashtead Technology FlexiTxT™ underwater display and programmable controller is a multi-purpose alphanumeric visual display suitable for deep-water applications where visual indication of sensor information is required.
It is fully programmable to display virtually any alphanumeric instrument data and has the ability to process, re-format and re-send data to auxiliary display units or other data users, providing a truly flexible data handling and display device.
The FlexiTxT™ has intelligent power management capabilities, allowing remote radio controlled on/off switching to be applied to sensors allowing the sensor package to be installed and switched on well in advance of deployment improving offshore safety.
With high efficiency power utilisation the FlexiTxT™ has significantly lower power consumption than competitor products, allowing longer battery autonomy for long term display applications.
Ruggedly constructed from low fouling and corrosion resisting materials, with a rated depth of 3,000 metres and triple seal technology, this display is capable of long term immersion without degradation, giving excellent performance in very tough survey and construction operations.

  • Rugged corrosion-resistant design
  • 3,000 metres depth rating
  • Fully programmable 8-digital alphanumeric text display
  • Low power consumption with remote sleep mode
  • Configurable auto-scroll display
  • Dual serial RS232C ports
  • Safety radio remote control allowing remote switch on/off during launch
  • Wide input voltage range operation
  • Integral intelligent power and battery management functions
  • Low operating power consumption
  • Built-in data reformatting and repeating capabilities
  • Built-in RF modem for control and data collection during dimensional control operations
  • Attitude & heading readout
  • Precision depth Sensor readout
  • Cathodic protection display
  • Control and monitoring systems