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Ashtead Technology FlexiTxt™ Remote Control

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Ashtead Technology FlexiTxt™ Remote Control

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The Ashtead AMS RF Switch handset is designed to operate with the Ashtead FlexiTxT™ display unit and provides a means of improving offshore safety through allowing sensors and display systems to be remotely switched on and off during dimensional control and launch operations of instrumented subsea structures.

This light and simple to operate handset is designed to work with all Ashtead RF switches and FlexiTxT™ display units.
The encoded and encrypted RF link provides a secure means of controlling the remote equipment, which can be switched on or off by simple button press operation.

The bi-directional radio link utilises low power licence exempt technology, allowing both command and confidence feedback of the control operation.
An auto switch-off facility on the handset ensures long battery life and reduction in unnecessary RF transmission.

  • RF remote control of subsea sensors for pre-deployment verification and launch preparation
  • Low power radio link operating in licence exempt band with a range up to 500 metres (site and installation dependent)
  • Designed for all weather conditions
  • Uniquely encoded control for security with 255 unique addresses
  • Low power consumption
  • Auto data sense feedback via bicolour LED
  • Auto-off facility for reduced battery consumption
  • Control of Ashtead Technology FlexiTxT™ and RF switch units