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Fischer Feritscope MP30

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Fischer Feritscope MP30.

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The FERITSCOPEĀ® MP30 measures according to the magnetic induction method. A magnetic field generated by a coil enters into interaction with the magnetic components of the specimen. The changes in the magnetic field induce a voltage proportional to the ferrite content in a second coil. This voltage is then evaluated. All magnetic components of the otherwise non-magnetic structure are recognized, that is, in addition to delta ferrite and other ferritic components transformation martensite is also recognized.

Increasingly, the chemical and petrochemical industries use duplex steel, e.g., for the reactor made of high corrosion resistant duplex stainless steel shown above. A ferrite deficiency in the weld beam may lead to cracks under the influence of tension or vibration. However, when welding duplex steel, it is easy to bring the ferrite content in the welding area to unfavorable values, either because of unsuitable welding additives or through wrong heat application or removal. Only a measurement on site can ensure that the processing steps did not change the optimal ferrite content resulting in a decrease of the mechanical or corrosion resistant properties.

  • Non-destructive measurement of the ferrite content in a range of 0.1 to 110 FN or 0.1 to 80% Fe in austenitic and duplex steel
  • Simple measurement, even for complex specimen geometry
  • Battery or line operation
  • Large LCD display for characteristic measurement and statistical values as well as pictograms for status display and text lines for operator instructions
  • RS232 interface for data transfer to PC or printer
  • Automatic measurement acceptance at probe contact or with external start
  • Acoustical signal at measurement acceptance
  • Statistical evaluation of test series and display of min, max. and mean value, number of measurements, standard deviation as well as date and time
  • Outlier control for automatic elimination of erroneous measurements
  • Input of specification limits
  • Free-running display with additional presentation of the measurement as analog bar between selected specification limits
  • Memory capacity for max. 10,000 measurements in 1,000 blocks in up to 100 applications. Fixed or free block size selection
  • Measurement units selectable between WRC-FN and %Fe
  • 5 Display languages selectable
  • No influence of the electr. conductivity of the specimen
  • Only one calibration required for the entire practically relevant measurement range from 0.1 to about 90 FN. Measurement accuracy according to ANSI/AWS A4.2M/A4.2:1997 standard
  • Calibration with standards traceable to TWI secondary standards or with customer-specific standards
  • Measuring ferrite in duplex steel
  • Measures ferrite parts found in chemical, utility and other processing plants that are often exposed to heat, aggressive media and high pressure