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Forum Class 1-4 Gauging Tool (API 17D)

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Forum Class 1-4 Gauging Tool (API 17D).

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The Class 1-4 gauging tool has been developed to test interfaces. The interfacing part of the tool is identical to the class 4 torque tool and comes with a set of class 1-4 sockets as standard. This allows rapid interface checks without the weight and hydraulic requirements of using a real torque tool.

The tool can be turned by hand from a handle at the rear, or can be fitted with a shaft at the rear to accept a torque wrench, so that torque can be applied to the valve. Locking wings are provided to check the latching operation.

  • Latching wings
  • Rotating socket
  • Lightweight
  • Full range of 1-4 17D sockets
  • Valve interface testing