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Forum ETA 3T Mechanical Cable Gripper

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Forum ETA 3T Mechanical Cable Gripper.

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The cable gripper has been designed by ETA for the recovery of armoured or lightweight cables in a subsea environment. The gripper has a working load limit of 3.0t in Sea State 6. The gripper can recover cables of a variety of diameters however, the anvils must be set to the correct position for a particular diameter. The gripper is normally attached to a subsea cable by an ROV. Before deployment, a line should be connected between the vessel & the gripper top shackle. This will be used for hoisting the gripper to the surface.

The gripper is passive & requires no power from the ROV. It is deployed using an ROV manipulator arm attached to the handle at the top. At the bottom of the gripper, there is an open plate between which are two spring loaded gates (anvils). The gripper should be lowered onto a cable using the manipulator arm until the cable opens the anvils. Once the cable has passed between the anvils they will slam shut & hold the cable within the gripper.

The ROV can now release the gripper & the unit can be hoisted to the surface. As tension is applied from the line to the top shackle, the internal mechanism of the gripper pushes a clamp down to rigidly hold the cable in position. This allows the gripper & cable to be safely hoisted to the surface.

  • No hydraulics required
  • 3t working load limit
  • Maximum cable diameter 110mm
  • Cable recovery